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Alexander C.


I sat down with Pope Francis last week. Here's 5 things I took away from our insightful conversation: 1. Practice humility and empathy: Incorporate humility and empathy into your daily interactions. Show kindness to everyone, particularly those who are struggling, and to cultivate the ability to see things from their perspective. 2. Encourage engagement and respectful communication: Promote open, respectful discussions with individuals from all walks of life and belief systems. Advocate for a culture of engagement and dialogue, you can contribute to greater understanding and cooperation among people. 3. Prioritize environmental stewardship: Care for our planet. Adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle and be mindful of your consumption habits, emphasizing the significance of preserving Earth for future generations. 4. Dedicate yourself to helping others: Actively seek ways to assist those in need, whether through volunteer work, charitable donations, or by simply extending a helping hand. By dedicating yourself to helping others, you can create a lasting, positive impact on the world. 5. Find inner peace through spiritual reflection: Nurture one's spiritual life in the pursuit of inner peace. Set aside time for prayer, meditation, or contemplation, as a means to deepen your connection with the divine or to find solace and clarity amid the chaos of daily life.

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Michael Pedersen


How we communicate is one of the most critical aspects of our lives and yet many of us suck at it (I’m a work in progress). We so badly want to get our point across to that co-worker, loved one or friend and yet we blow it by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. I’ve done this so many times in my life it’s maddening. A book a highly recommend is Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler. In the book, the authors state… “A crucial conversation involves high stakes, differing opinions, and strong emotions. To navigate these conversations effectively, focus on sharing messages without creating defensiveness, listening with an open mind, and building a shared pool of meaning. Start with examining your motives and shifting your focus from winning the argument to finding the best outcome for everyone involved.” I could end this post right now, if you read and internalized the above excerpt from the book. But the questions begs, “why do we struggle being a more effective communicator?” Here are 10 that I’ve researched that I resonate with personally: 1. Communication styles: Respect and adapt to individual differences. 2. Emotional barriers: Manage emotions to express yourself clearly. 3. Cognitive biases: Be aware of your own biases and stay open-minded. 4. Ambiguity: Use clear, precise language and ask for clarification when needed. 5. Noise/distractions: Choose a conducive environment for focused conversation. 6. Active listening: Give full attention to the speaker to understand their message. 7. Cultural differences: Be mindful of varying cultural norms and practices. 8. Assumptions: Avoid mind-reading; confirm understanding before responding. 9. Non-verbal cues: Pay attention to body language, facial expressions, and tone. 10. Technology: Embrace its benefits while being mindful of potential pitfalls. Do any of these resonate with you? Here are a couple of thoughts I have that I wanted to share as I am working on them daily. ☑ Choose your words wisely ☑ Pause before you speak ☑ Listen more than you talk ☑ Be present ☑ Focus on their feelings  ☑ Don’t talk over someone ☑ Show empathy and compassion And lastly, try to leave the person feeling better than when you had the conversation. The graphic I created below was a blast. I wanted to bring a smile to everyones face. I hope it does that. As always, I write what is on my mind, and many times what I’m struggling with in hopes it helps others. #communication #selfgrowth #selfawareness #coaching

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Q: How do you measure your value in a meeting where you have the expertise, but lack the English fluency of others? A: By your engagement, questions, confirmation, and counter opinions. In other words, your REAL value is measured by your willingness to PARTICIPATE. Your participation is valued much, MUCH more than your English fluency. In fact, your participation can actually compensate for a lack of English skill or fluency. (The Courageous Communicator #114) You may feel your English ability or fluency is not so good. However, the other meeting participants will not notice this ‘lack of ability’ when you contribute actively with your current English skill and fluency. What do they notice instead? ... Your grit.  ... Your insight. ... Your passion.  ... Your courage. ... Your curiosity. ... Your expertise. ... Your dedication. ... Your vulnerability. ... And, your humanity. And even if you do not have the expertise of others, you can still be curious and engage to ask a question, or to confirm your understanding. Your participation is valued AND also,helps you grow in skill and confidence. "You are not only paid for your expertise, you are paid for your you willingness to communicate your expertise." Tom Roberts "Pay is an exchange of energy" Marie Forleo If you need help developing the VALUE of YOUR staff, contact me. #BeCourageous #Japan #TheCourageousCommunicator #Mindset

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When the client changes all of your "there's" to "there is" before go-live. Image credit: Leona Wright-Ventricle #Copywriting #Marketing #DeathByNeedlessFormality ------------------------- Want all my copywriting and storytelling secrets? Get my Friday email, The Word >>> bit.ly/3PIB78U


Writer’s block is a very real thing. Here are 30 tools to boost your copywriting skills 👇

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The best way to learn copywriting? Studying the best people in the game. Here are 12 copywriting lessons from the best copywriters & marketers of all time: P.S. Join 74,346 copywriters & marketers who benefit from my FREE copywriting newsletter —> https://lnkd.in/g8E4RRRJ

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Loyal customers are what drive businesses forward. Investing in their satisfaction should be at the very top of every company's agenda.


    LE MANOIR AUX QUAT'SAISONS Customers can often be quick to complain when they feel a product or service is sub-standard - and not always so forthcoming or public with their compliments. But all business owners know how important word-of-mouth recommendations are to marketing. So here's one from me. For countryside getaways, it doesn't get much better than Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons, A Belmond Hotel in Oxfordshire. Beautiful gardens, delicious food, outstanding service. I've been five or six times, and it really is unmatched. I took a heavily pregnant Modesta Vzesniauskaite for Valentine's this year. Romantic too! With a new baby, it may be a while before we have another adults-only mini-break. 👉 Tell me about a brand or company that has impressed you recently. #lemanoirauxquatsaisons #hospitality #weekendbreaks #customerservice

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    Know your ideal customers. It's the foundation for building a successful business. Here are 3 ways to get to know them better 👇🏼 1. Interviews Get them on the phone and ask: - why did you choose our solution? - what challenges were you facing? - why did you first reach out to us? - how did we help solve your challenge? - what could we have done better? 2. Surveys Send a survey and ask: - how did you find us? - how would you rate our process (onboarding, cart, etc)? - what made you purchase/reach out today? - demographic questions (age, location, education, income) 3. Social Listening Stalk (er, listen to) them on social media and gather: - whom they learn from - topics they engage with - platforms they use most - content formats that attract them And don't forget to ask the most important question of all: "Why does that matter?" Especially when they give you a surface-level answer. These insights will drive your: - brand building - marketing - sales - product development - onboarding - offboarding - referral program - fulfillment - content creation - and so much more Or, you know, keep making assumptions. Some people like doing things the hard way. ✌🏼 #shftyourbrand

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    (data, the, and, to, of, is, for, analytics)

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    🔥 Debunking the 100-day checklist myth for #DataLeaders! 📋 Embrace your unique journey & navigate the challenges and opportunities specific to your role 🌟💼 Focus on leveraging your strengths for long-term success! 🚀💡 #BeyondTheChecklist #DataLeadership


    What is the best way to learn SQL? In 1986, SQL (Structured Query Language) became a standard. Over the next 40 years, it became the dominant language for relational database management systems. Reading the latest standard (ANSI SQL 2016) can be time-consuming. How can I learn it? There are 5 components of the SQL language: - DDL: data definition language, such as CREATE, ALTER, DROP - DQL: data query language, such as SELECT - DML: data manipulation language, such as INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE - DCL: data control language, such as GRANT, REVOKE - TCL: transaction control language, such as COMMIT, ROLLBACK For a backend engineer, you may need to know most of it. As a data analyst, you may need to have a good understanding of DQL. Select the topics that are most relevant to you. Over to you: What does this SQL statement do in PostgreSQL: “select payload->ids->0 from events”? — Get a Free System Design PDF (158 pages) by subscribing to our weekly newsletter today: https://lnkd.in/g9wAgcke #systemdesign #coding #interviewtips .

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    Data is Beautiful! Fascinating maps of the world’s infrastructure, you can clearly see the difference in density and distribution among the countries. Seaports Airports Cities Railroads Roads Credit: Peter Atwood , Data Source not mentioned.

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    (writing, write, to, you, and, the, your, content)

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    If you haven’t seen this before and struggle with articulating your thoughts, start here. A masterclass in writing from best selling author Elizabeth Gilbert. Don’t know what to write? Start with Liz’s 10-step writing school. Write simple sentences. Tell stories. Write to someone. You are the expert of your own experience. Embrace this. Most of all, finish what you start. Let me know if you found this to be helpful and what you plan on writing next.

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      🇺🇦 Eddie Shleyner


      If we write each day, we’re writers: Recognition, audience, money—these things will come. They will. In the meantime, we must be observant, make connections, and write, consistently, write, write, write! And we must share our output. We must. Because the beauty we put into the world, the value, will find its way back into our lives. It will. Onward.


      5 simple UX writing tips for designers. "Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration." by Jeffrey Zeldman. Content writing knowledge helps designers to craft better and more impactful designs. Content should dictate most of the layout and interface decisions. If you are new to writing, here are a few tips to get you started and improve your design process: 1. Never use Lorem ipsum 2. Keep it short 3. Use simple words 4. Be descriptive where it counts 5. Rephrase and spellcheck Hope this helps with your UX writing game! If you have more, relevant writing tips, DM me or write in the comment! #ux #ui #uxdesign #uxwriting

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      (email, emails, your, to, the, cold, you, and)

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      3 cold email templates (you can steal): 1. Old Faithful: Start with relevance and something that's top of mind. Then highlight a challenge that comes with that. End with how you can help. Subject: Hiring Reps Hey Mike, Saw you're hiring AEs. Imagine you're thinking about whether they'll have enough opportunities to hit quota. Most sales leaders I speak with want their AEs to self-source pipeline but are finding their teams don't have enough time to. We make it so AEs know exactly who to reach out to and what personalized messages to send. All in a matter of seconds. Worth a chat? 2. Pure Problems: Start with relevance and then focus on the challenge immediately. Share more about the challenge. Then ask if they're interested in solving the problem. Subject: AE Ramp Time Hey Mike, Saw you're hiring AEs. You may already be aware of how challenging it is to bring on new reps while also continuing to hit your revenue goals. Bringing on new reps is great but they take time to ramp and their close rates are always lower at the beginning when you're sending them valuable leads. Curious to learn how we're solving this? 3. Question: Start with a question about a likely challenge. Then share the impact of that problem. End with how you can help. Subject: Comp + Commissions Hey Mike, As a sales leader, do you often get disputes from your reps about their comp payout? Asking because 94% of sales reps spend an average of 2 to 3 hours recalculating their payout manually, to check for accuracy. Valuable time that could be spent selling instead. Worth a chat to see how we can automate this? If you have your 6th americano and no one sees it, does it count? -Mike G PS These templates came from @williamallred, @outboundsales, @maggieblume and @johnny-earls-b0b038a6 - Give them a follow if you aren't already! #sales #coldemail #salestips

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      Vladislav Podolyako


      We are launching a new Folderly Venture, and we are looking for great partners so we can grow together even more efficiently. Follow our new newsletter tailored for their partners and anyone interested in the ever-growing #EmailDeliverability market. By hopping on board with their newsletter, you'll have access to: 📨 A closer look into the Folderly partner program 📨 Game-changing tips for optimizing your email marketing campaigns 📨 The latest industry trends and techniques to stay ahead 📨 Real-world success stories from fellow Folderly partners 🌟 This incredible opportunity to level up your email marketing game and expand your business. Don't miss out! Sign up for the Folderly newsletter today and make email deliverability work for you! 💸📈 #EmailMarketing #BusinessGrowth

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      Folderly Partners

      We’re excited to announce the launch of our new newsletter exclusively for #FolderlyPartners and anyone looking to tap into the thriving #EmailDeliverability market. 📩 By subscribing to our newsletter, you'll: 📨 learn more about our partner program 📨 gain valuable insights into how to optimize your email marketing strategy 📨 stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques 📨 learn from the success stories of other Folderly partners. 🫱🏻‍🫲🏿 Join our newsletter today and start growing your business with Folderly. Let's make email deliverability work for you. 💸 Subscribe here: https://lnkd.in/dqPUaYHa

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      ChatGPT-4 is the most powerful tool in the world. Here are 5 prompts you can steal to 5x your marketing efforts 👇 Note: I put these together with Marketing Upp (follow them to become a better marketer). 1. Brainstorm [number] email subject lines for our upcoming newsletter that will encourage high open rates. Context: Target audience — [your target audience here] What our newsletter covers — [your newsletter content here] Email goals — [your email goals here] Past successful subject lines: "[subject line example one]" "[subject line example two]" "[subject line example three]" Formatting guidelines: “[your formatting guidelines here]" 2. Create a list of [number] attention-grabbing PPC ad headlines that highlight our core service offerings. Context: Target audience — [your target audience here] Core services — [your core services here] Ad goals — [your ad goals here] Inspiration: "[ad inspiration one]" "[ad inspiration two]" "[ad inspiration three]" Formatting guidelines:“ [your formatting guidelines here]" 3. Write [number] SEO-optimized blog post titles that will attract organic traffic and showcase our my company’s expertise. Context: Target audience — [your target audience here] Your company’s area of expertise — [your company’s expertise here] Keyword focus — [your keyword focus here] Inspiration: "[blog title inspiration one]" "[blog title inspiration two]" "[blog title inspiration three]" Formatting guidelines: “[your formatting guidelines here]" 4. Please give me [number] LinkedIn post ideas that highlight our industry expertise and drive engagement from our target audience. Context: Target audience — [your target audience here] Our industry expertise — [your industry expertise here] Engagement goals — [your engagement goals here] Inspiration: "[LinkedIn post inspiration one ]" "[LinkedIn post inspiration two]" "[LinkedIn post inspiration three]" Formatting guidelines: “[your formatting guidelines here]" 5. Please create [number] Instagram Reels ideas that showcase our brand values and engage our target audience. Context: Target audience — [your target audience here] Our brand values — [your client's brand values here] Engagement goals — [your engagement goals here] Inspiration: "[Reels inspiration one]" "[Reels inspiration two]" "[Reels inspiration three]" Formatting guidelines: "[your formatting guidelines here]"



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      I don't hold many regrets. But if I was to change anything, it would have to be this. To have invested the time to create content for MYSELF sooner. Here is what personal branding has done for me and my clients: - Being known for a niche - New business opportunities - New clients - New connections - New collaborations - Placement of a dream job - Digital courses and buyers - PR and podcast feature - Growth in current creative agency - New service offerings - Boost in confidence - Improved writing skills - Support from a community of like-minded professionals If anyone reading this is on the fence, my advice is this. Start today. You might feel you don't even need any of the above right now. But as with anything in life, you never know when you will. Build your reputation before you need it. --- #personalbranding #socialmedia #contentmarketing #bestadvice #storytelling Gratitude.....Hit the 🔔 to get notified for more of this Ash Rathod


      What is a brand? What makes one good or bad? Explanations and definitions on branding can be overly complicated, confusing and hard to remember. Here’s a different way. Think about your inner circle of friends. What’s common to them? What traits do they have that make them a good friend? It’s the same for a brand. Friendship can be categorized into a few traits: honesty (without this, nothing substantive can be built or simply “don’t lie to me”), consistency (they say what they’ll do and do what they say, time and time again), reliable (there when you need them most, not just when it’s convenient), familiar (shared values, interests and beliefs), optimistic and fun (negativity is contagious and a real downer). A brand behaves the same way a friend does. What traits do you think are most important in friends? Does your brand behave this way?

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      There's a lot of awful advice out there about personal branding: Don't edit your post. Use hashtags. Hit the peace pipe at dawn to summon the algo... Forget that noise. Do this instead: P.S Big shout out to the crew we hit 22,000 yesterday! 1000 new community members joined us last week. Grateful for the support!

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      The call for a 6 month moratorium on making AI progress beyond GPT-4 is a terrible idea. I'm seeing many new applications in education, healthcare, food, ... that'll help many people. Improving GPT-4 will help. Lets balance the huge value AI is creating vs. realistic risks. There is no realistic way to implement a moratorium and stop all teams from scaling up LLMs, unless governments step in. Having governments pause emerging technologies they don’t understand is anti-competitive, sets a terrible precedent, and is awful innovation policy. Responsible AI is important, and AI has risks. The popular press narrative that AI companies are running amok shipping unsafe code is not true. The vast majority (sadly, not all) of AI teams take responsible AI and safety seriously. Let's invest more in safety while we advance the technology, rather than stifle progress. A 6 month moratorium is not a practical proposal. To advance AI safety, regulations around transparency and auditing would be more practical and make a bigger difference. 


      ChatGPT is just the tip of the iceberg. 20 AI tools that will transform your productivity forever: ____ If you liked this, join Superhuman ― my weekly newsletter that teaches you how to leverage AI to boost your productivity and accelerate your career: https://lnkd.in/dVQkm5r2

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      Here's my conversation with Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, the creator of GPT-4, ChatGPT, DALL-E, Codex, and other incredible AI systems that are transforming human civilization. This conversation was truly fascinating, challenging, and eye-opening.



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        🤟 Are you hiring or planning to hire tech salespeople? Have a look, it might help :) #hiring #sales #thesalesgang


        Excellent recruiters are immediately available👋   Sadly, my company Talentiir had to close its doors on Monday   4 of my former recruiters are now available, and I highly recommend them:   🟢Graham Hillgren - 10+ years of TA experience. Extensive experience across the scale-up scene in Copenhagen with companies such as Falcon, Clerk, Peakon, Goodiebox etc. Recruited all role types.   🟢Bhani Jalkrish - 5+ years TA experience. Falcon, TDC, WS Audiology, TDC. Has a MSc Degree in Computer Science. Tech Recruiting expert. 🟢Maija Jekabsone - 1 year of TA experience all at Talentiir. Recruited within Commercial and Tech. Now onsite at Soundboks as TA Partner.   🟢Luke Willemse - 3+ years of TA experience. RPO experience. Worked both the UK and Danish market throughout. Specialised Tech Recruiter.   If you would like to get an insight or reference on any of them, please just ask me. I can state now that they are all great recruiters and brilliant people. You will be happy and fortunate if you can hire them. Please do share this post to help. Thank you! 🙏🏼


        🔥 Bethesda Game Studios is hiring!🔥 Our currently available jobs can all be found via the link at the end of this post. We've opened up some Associate-level Design roles - it's a fantastic way to get your foot in the door to a great studio and industry! **You must provide a portfolio to be considered. 🎮 APPLY NOW 🎮 : https://lnkd.in/efy4MfqD #hiring #jobs #design #associatelevel #bethesda #videogames



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        A startup is more than just a dream. The things we dream of are far behind hardships. You see luxurious, comfortable life with minimum effort. In reality, it is more than that. A lot more than that. A startup can be a passion for you, a dream of somebody, or a compulsion for somebody else. But often, we neglect the struggle, hard work, and patience required to achieve our dream and passion. When we started six years back, we had a passion for a startup and a dream of owning the vision. At the same time, we knew it would not come easy. Minimum capital, no family support, and no assets in hand, and we jumped into the field where there were challenges every hour. Dreams are often in your favor; you see things that make you comfortable and easily accessible to you. I am not saying you do not see dreams; of course, they are the first step in your reality, but you should also check and be prepared for the hurdles coming your way. Be consistent, and Don’t give up. #startups #linkedincreators #entrepreneurship

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        Move over ChatGPT! Does exactly what it says on the tin. Tag a fellow startup Founder that can relate to this. #startups #founders #entrepreneurship  ___________________________________ Did you like this post? Connect or Follow Evaldas Girskus Want to see all my posts? Ring that 🔔and Follow #thestartupguy Need Help? Book a call.


        Here’s the biggest mistake a first time startup VP makes: They want the CEO to tell them *how* to do what they’re supposed to do. But that’s not really the CEO’s job... The CEO’s job is to lay out the general direction.  To ensure that all the pieces are aligned.  To ensure that you never run out of money. To hire the best people in their field and give them the resources and freedom to be great at what they do. It is not to hire the best people in their field and micro-manage them or walk them through, step by step, how that person is going to accomplish their task. It’s the VP’s job to come with the plan. Not make a soft suggestion. Not write down a litany of problems and obstacles. It’s to come with the plan. - Here’s what we’re going to do - Here’s how we’re going to get there - Here’s the challenges we expect to face - Here's how we expect to overcome them - Here’s how you’ll know we’re successful - Here are the KPIs and metrics we’ll keep an eye on You know… a plan. First time VPs have difficulty processing that. But that’s the difference between a Director and a VP. As a VP, you come with the answers. The CEO knows there are problems. You’re there to help them fix it. #startups


          How can I use those trending topics in my posts?

          Using what’s popular on Linkedin is a great way of making relevant, high-performing content that attracts an audience. If that’s what you’re most interested in, we suggest you start including some of those topics inside your posts, if these are relevant.

          Want to go a step further? Our tool Taplio is free to try and helps you grow your Linkedin audience and attract more opportunities with Linkedin. Content inspiration, scheduling, automation, analytics, it’s all there. Give it a shot and see how easy it is to build a high-performing account that drives results.

          I want me or my brand to be a trending topic, how can I do that?

          If your goal is to be in what people call “TT” (Trending topics), let us start by saying: it’s complicated. There’s tens of thousands of topics that are being talked about every day on Linkedin, and no one knows exactly what’s behind Linkedin's algorithm to define them.

          Instead of shooting for trending topics, you should probably focus more on building the right audience over time. Sure, if your hashtag is amongst trending topics it will give you a lift in reach and impressions. But that’s only temporary and it’s much more efficient to focus on consistent growth.

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