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What are Linkedin videos?
Linkedin videos are videos that have been posted by a LinkedIn User. With Taplio LinkedIn Video Downloader, you can grab these videos and keep them forever!
Is this tool free?
Yes! This tool is entirely free, no catch.
How does it work?
You can follow the 3 step processed detailed above. 1. Click on the 3 dots on the top right end corner of the LinkedIn post. 2. Click on "Copy link to post". 3. Paste your link and click on the download button.
Where can I find inspiration for my LinkedIn Videos?

If your post was successful on Twitter, it is very likely it will be successful on Linkedin. You can find some inspiration to nail down your tweets first, with our Tweet Collections, a library of tweets sorted on many topics to help you get traction fast.

What tool should I use to publish on LinkedIn?

You can use LinkedIn to publish your content directly on the platform. That’s fine! What you won’t get with that is scheduling, automation and content inspiration to help you post professionally and drive results. All of which Taplio (which we have built) can do for you.

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