10 Expert Tips for Crafting a Compelling Employer Brand on LinkedIn

Employer branding on LinkedIn is how you position yourself on the platform to top talent.

10 Expert Tips for Crafting a Compelling Employer Brand on LinkedIn
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Boost employer branding to attract top talent. Learn what it means, why it matters & top tips to build an authentic brand.
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10 Expert Tips for Crafting a Compelling Employer Brand on LinkedIn
Jobseekers today look at more than just the job description. Having a big brand name can give you a competitive edge, but if you want to attract top talent, you need to boost your brand recognition and reputation.
What is your company’s culture? How do you support your employees’ growth? These are all job seekers' questions, and this is where focusing on employer branding pays off. In this article, we’ll talk about what employer branding means, why it matters, and top tips to build an authentic employer brand.
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What is Employer Branding on LinkedIn?

Employer branding on LinkedIn is how you position yourself on the platform to top talent. It showcases your company’s personality, culture, and values to employees, business partners, and job seekers.
You can demonstrate your company’s accomplishments, values, strengths, and culture by sharing a narrative that creates a positive impression on job seekers and boosts recruitment efforts.

Why Does Employer Branding Matter?

You’re probably already aware of why personal branding is important on LinkedIn. But why is employer branding essential? Here are just a few of the benefits of building your company’s image as a top employer:
  • Attract job seekers proactively while reducing hiring costs.
  • Less time spent on hiring.
  • Improves your company’s reputation.
  • Boosts your overall branding efforts.
  • Helps retain employees.

10 Tips to Build an Authentic Employer Brand

So how do you go about building an employer brand? With thousands of LinkedIn Company Pages competing for the attention of professionals in your industry, it’s more important than ever to stand out. These ten tips will help you create a brand that attracts the best industry professionals.
  1. Keep Your Page Updated
There’s nothing worse or more embarrassing than having outdated information on your Company Page. Double-check your page to ensure all your information is updated and accurate. Your profile should be completely filled out.
Keeping your page updated also means you should post frequently. If you haven’t posted anything in months, you’ll unlikely gain any trust from job seekers. Any content you post should also be valuable. This is a quick fix that will instantly boost your employer brand.
  1. Highlight Your Values and Mission
Your mission and values form the foundation of your employer brand. They help you attract talent that shares the same values. Use your “About” section to showcase your unique voice and personality and to communicate what matters the most to you.
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  1. Showcase Workplace Culture
Show job seekers what it’s like to work with your company. Highlight team wins, share videos of team-building exercises, discuss unique perks you offer your employees and more. Present a positive work culture to differentiate yourself from the competition and attract job seekers that would fit in perfectly with your culture.
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  1. Invest in Employee Branding
Invest time and resources to boost your employees’ LinkedIn personal branding and profile optimization. Talk to employees about the benefits of using social media and supporting your employer brand.
Employees who share your content can reach more people and boost your visibility. Share content from your employees to build trust with potential employees.
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  1. Share Testimonials from Employees
Along those same lines, you should encourage employees to share testimonials and talk about their experience working with your company on LinkedIn. Employee testimonials can be an incredibly powerful tool to build trust.
Share those testimonials on your company page to attract talent and humanize your employer brand.
  1. Post Job Openings
Millions of people use LinkedIn for job search. You're missing out if you aren’t using LinkedIn lead generation as a part of your employer brand strategy. Company pages have a Jobs tab where all the jobs you post will be arranged and displayed, making it easier for job seekers to browse them.
If you post a job on LinkedIn, it is also important to respond to applicants as soon as possible and keep them updated. Make these job openings visible to the public and ensure your hiring process is straightforward and streamlined.
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  1. Create Shareable Content
Create engaging content for LinkedIn that will likely be shared to build your employer brand. Share blog posts from your website on topics that will be of interest to your target audience, such as:
  • Career tips
  • Industry news or trends
  • Company’s history
  • New developments
  • Interviews with executives
  • Case studies
  • Employee testimonials
Experiment with different types of posts, such as LinkedIn carousels, polls, images, videos, and infographics. Include a CTA and ask questions to increase engagement on your posts. Follow a consistent posting schedule to make your brand seem dependable.
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  1. Share Employee Generated Content
User-generated content is known to get more engagement compared to company content. You can leverage this by sharing content created by your employees to create a positive employer image, build trust, and give your brand a human touch.
Share photos, tips, videos, reviews, or testimonials from employees. Use branded hashtags to monitor their posts and then reshare them on the company page. If you have any employees that are thought leaders on LinkedIn, reach out to them for collaboration and co-creating content.
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  1. Monitor Mentions
Keep a tab on what people are saying on LinkedIn about your company. Social listening has several benefits, including:
  • Managing your reputation.
  • Answering questions and concerns.
  • Building connections.
  1. Conduct Live Sessions
Live videos on LinkedIn can boost your engagement and get more comments, views, and reactions from your target audience. One of the biggest benefits of live videos is that it gives your audience the opportunity to interact with your brand in real-time.
Regularly host live videos where you can interact with potential job seekers, answer their questions, and give them a better understanding of your band.
Building an authentic employer brand takes time and effort. It does not happen overnight. But with the tips listed here, you’ll be on the right track.
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