How to Make Money on LinkedIn in 2023

Learn how to make money on LinkedIn by selling your own product or service or someone else's through affiliate marketing.

How to Make Money on LinkedIn in 2023
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Learn how to make money on LinkedIn by selling your own product or service or someone else's through affiliate marketing.
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How to Make Money on LinkedIn in 2023
To make money on LinkedIn, you need to sell something:
  • Your product or service
  • Someone else’s product or service (affiliate)
People on LinkedIn will be eager to buy from you when they trust you and see you as an expert in your industry.
Knowing how to set up your profile, engage with your audience, and post the right content will help you win the trust of your audience and sell to them.
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Sell Your Service or Digital Product

First, identify what people need as a product or service and optimize your LinkedIn profile around it.
Create regular content that speaks to your audience’s pain points.
These tips will help you drive desire for your products:
  • If your product is software or Saas, showcase your clients’ results with case studies and testimonials.
  • If your product is an ebook, share snippets of the most exciting parts and discuss how the reader can benefit from it.
  • Search for posts that show users complaining about a problem your product or service solves. Reply with a helpful comment that shows how your offer solves their problem.

Sell Affiliate Products

Once you partner with a brand that offers a great product or service, you can promote their offers on LinkedIn and earn commissions on every sale.
For example, you can join the Taplio affiliate program and earn 30% of all customer payments for 12 months. Since Taplio is a powerful tool for LinkedIn growth, your LinkedIn audience will benefit from it, especially those who want to grow their personal brand but have little time to spend on the platform.
Ensure to abide by your partner’s terms and conditions while promoting their products on LinkedIn. For example, Taplio doesn’t allow you to sell their product with paid promotion.
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Before you choose an affiliate product to sell on LinkedIn, ensure you have an audience that needs such a product. For example, if your audience is mostly chiropractors looking for bookings, it won’t make sense to promote a UI/UX course to them.
One way to build trust when selling affiliate products is through product reviews. It’s best to test the product yourself to get first-hand experience. Create a video where you review the product, highlighting its best features and the benefits you got from using it.
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If you can’t test the product yourself, get reviews from at least three users to share with your audience.
When reviewing your affiliate product, include links to buy the product in your caption or comments.
Join any of these affiliate programs to find irresistible offers for your audience.

The Secret Sauce To Making Money on LinkedIn

No matter what you’re selling on LinkedIn, these principles will help you sell your offers  fast:
Optimize your profile: Your LinkedIn profile should accurately reflect your business and your products or services. It should entice your prospects to grab whatever you’re offering them.
  • Clear and professional headshot as a profile picture
  • Catchy headline and banner that lead people to visit your profile
  • Industry-related keywords that your audience can understand
  • A detailed description of your offer’s benefits in your About section
  • Links to your landing page where users can get your products or services
Use LinkedIn groups: One of the best ways to build an audience for your products or services is by creating groups.
If you rely on posting content on your profile, you may be unable to target more than one audience, especially if you’re promoting multiple products or services. But you can create multiple groups for different audiences and sell to them at the same time.
Aside from creating groups, you can also join groups where your target audience hangs out and connect with them.
  • Create helpful posts that solve a need
  • Engage in meaningful conversations to help group members in the comments
  • Trigger conversations by asking thought-provoking questions.
Connect with potential customers: Search for individuals and companies in your target market and send them personalized connection requests.
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You can also search for brands that you’ll love to partner with. For brands that you want to join their affiliate program, your connection request should show that:
  • You are interested in their products or service
  • You have an audience that’ll benefit from their offers
Create and share valuable content: Share valuable posts, infographics, videos, or any other type of content that is informative and helpful to your target audience. This establishes you as an expert in your industry and makes it easy for them to buy your products or services.
You can also curate content for your audience as long as it’s relevant to them.
Use paid advertising: With LinkedIn ads, you get better targeting and reach a larger audience than with organic content.
Utilize LinkedIn's sales tools: LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Sales Solutions can help you find and connect with potential customers, track your sales activity, and measure your success.
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