How to Post Content on LinkedIn

Learn the basics about how to post content on Linkedin and grow your network or get your dream job.

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Learn the basics about how to post content on Linkedin and grow your network or get your dream job.
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How to Post Content on LinkedIn and why you should use LinkedIn
According to LinkedIn, the platform has 15x more content impressions than job postings in February 2022.
This means that more people are sharing their content into a professional network where people come to learn.
Whether you’re working with a business or promoting yourself on LinkedIn, posting the right content consistently will help you grow your network, promote your product or services, or get your dream job.
In this article, we’ll give you the basics of how to post on LinkedIn.
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Why is important to Post on LinkedIn?

There are many reasons why LinkedIn users find it important to post content on LinkedIn. Some of these reasons include the following:

Establish Credibility

Actively posting on LinkedIn will help your brand to build up its credibility. In addition, useful content helps customers feel more positive about a company or person.

Provide Value

Posting good content on your LinkedIn profile will help your audience realize the value your brand can give them. Valuable content does not always have to be created from scratch. You can also expand on your previous posts or repurpose your LinkedIn content.
Your three most recent posts will be shown as a part of your profile, so in a way, it works as an advertisement of your knowledge and capabilities.

Expand Network and Gain Leads

Some businesses use LinkedIn to find their possible customers and build connections with them. The more you post, the more chances you will meet new people and gain leads. LinkedIn is a good avenue to socialize with other people relevant to your business and expand your network.

Create Job Opportunities

More and more companies use LinkedIn for job postings. They also use the platform to pick out and scout applicants for hire based on their posted resumes.
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How to Create and Publish a post on Linkedin

Just like other social media platforms, LinkedIn’s home page shows a news feed of both recommended and new posts from people in your circle.
You can easily create and publish a post from the desktop version's homepage. To do so, simply follow these steps:
  1. First, on your homepage, find the Posts section.
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  1. Next, click on the text box that says, “Start a post.” This will open a pop-up window that shows you the selection of posts you can make. You can then upload photos, videos, and more to create your post.
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  1. After that, once your changes are finished, click Post to publish your content.

What Type of Posts Can you Publish?

LinkedIn allows a ton of different content options you can post.
Choose among the following that’s appropriate for what message you want to relay to other people:
  • Text posts
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Documents
  • Articles
  • Polls
  • Job Opportunity
  • Offer help
  • Create an event
  • Find an expert
  • Celebrate an occasion
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How can you schedule LinkedIn content?

Maintaining an active LinkedIn account is not an easy task. Aside from competing with all the other daily posts, your connections see on their feeds, coming up with valuable content can sometimes get overwhelming.
One of the LinkedIn content strategies creators and brands use to consistently share content on the platform is scheduling LinkedIn content.
LinkedIn currently doesn’t offer a built-in content scheduler on their app. Luckily, there are great social media management tools like Taplio that not only help you to organize your content-sharing schedule, but also grow your personal brand on LinkedIn.
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