LinkedIn for Artists: How to Promote Your Art Business with LinkedIn

Having a presence on LinkedIn for artists can help support your career, build credibility, and boost your business by bringing in more clients.

LinkedIn for Artists: How to Promote Your Art Business with LinkedIn
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Having a presence on LinkedIn for artists can open new doors for you by connecting you with editors, publicists, and agents. It can also provide you with a platform to promote your art business and get more business.
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LinkedIn for Artists: How to Promote Your Art Business with LinkedIn
LinkedIn may be primarily considered a tool businesses and professionals use, but it can be just as valuable for creatives and artists. Having a presence on LinkedIn for artists can help support your career, build credibility, and boost your business by bringing in more clients.
The key to success on LinkedIn for business is participating on the platform authentically by sharing tips, answering questions, and fostering genuine relationships. In this guide, we’ll discuss creating an impeccable profile, sharing content, and engaging with others on LinkedIn as an artist.

Why Use LinkedIn as an Artist

When used well, LinkedIn can help artists in many of ways:
  • It can help you connect with other artists, curators, gallery owners, agents, and cultural institutions.
  • You can find and apply for creative jobs.
  • It’ll allow you to showcase your portfolio to key figures who may be interested in working with you.
  • LinkedIn can help you find more potential clients for your art business.
  • It’ll help you create and reinforce your personal brand, helping you build visibility and recognition.

How to Promote Your Art Business with LinkedIn

Putting yourself out there is a part of being a creative professional. Think of LinkedIn for artists as a medium for sharing your artistic story, showcasing your creativity, and building relationships. Here are a few tips you can implement.

Complete and Update Your Profile

Start by creating your profile or updating it if you already have an account on LinkedIn. A fully completed profile shows that you’re serious about your art business. Here are a few key things you should pay attention to:
  • Don’t leave your profile image space blank. Use a professional headshot so it’s easier for your followers to connect with you.
  • Use your LinkedIn banner to showcase your best pieces of art. Your banner is the most prominent piece of real estate on your profile, so use it wisely.
  • Your headline should capture the essence of you as an artist, not just your title.
  • Tell your story in the summary section. Craft a cohesive narrative to share your personal story and what drives your creativity.
  • Use the Featured section to display your best work.

Post Good Quality Content

The content you post on LinkedIn will play a major role in your ability to draw in an audience by showcasing your creativity and talking about your artistic journey. As a creative, here are a few ideas on the type of content you can post:
  • Your artistic achievements, including publications, sales, awards, and exhibitions
  • Your insights about art-related events, trends, and news
  • The challenges you faced in your career, your growth experiences, and lessons.
  • Art movements, inspiration sources, and other artists that influence your work.
  • Artistic techniques and tips that offer insights into your work.
  • Reviews of art exhibitions, books, and events.
  • Promote any artwork you offer for sale.
  • Collaborative projects.
  • Informative posts about art techniques and tutorials.

Post Consistently

Many creatives just create a LinkedIn profile and use it to update their new projects or jobs. Shift your strategy to include a consistent posting schedule. This will allow you to gain more visibility and followers on the platform.
Brainstorm a month’s worth of post ideas using Taplio’s AI Chat Assistant, create posts, and then use the LinkedIn Post Scheduler to queue your posts for the week or month.
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Like, Share, and Comment

An easy but effective way to grow your network on LinkedIn is by engaging with your network. If you find someone else’s post inspiring or engaging, don’t shy away from liking it, sharing it, or leaving a thoughtful comment.
Engaging with others will encourage them to reciprocate and will help you build a relationship with your audience.

Use DMs to Generate More Business

Use LinkedIn’s DMs and InMails to generate more business by sharing personalized, carefully crafted messages to those who might be interested in your creative services. Here are a few ideas to explore:
  • Reach out to art collectors, curators, and art galleries who may be interested in commissioning work, showcasing your work in their exhibition, or purchasing your artwork.
  • Send DMs to interior designers, art consultants, and event planners who often seek art for projects they’re working on for their clients.
  • Get in touch with art suppliers to see if they’d be willing to explore promotional opportunities or partnerships.
  • You can also contact influencers, art blogs, and publications if they’re interested in featuring or promoting your work to a broader audience.
You can send DMs and InMails in bulk using Taplio CRM, but it’s important to personalize your messages and make sure it is clear, concise, and respectful to get more replies.
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Add Visual Elements to Your Posts

As an artist, you have an edge over other professionals on LinkedIn. The artwork you create allows you to get your audience's attention because it is visually appealing. Share more of your work on LinkedIn to stand out.
Other than showcasing your artwork, here are other visual content ideas to explore:
  • Post videos and photos of your entire creative process, from the initial sketch to the final product.
  • Share high-quality videos and photos of your artwork.
  • Post LinkedIn polls to invite your readers to engage and participate.
  • Share time-lapse videos of your artistic process.
  • Post infographics to explain art concepts and techniques.
  • Share step-by-step art tutorials.

Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Lead generation on LinkedIn for artists may take time and consistent effort on your part, but it can help you establish a source of consistent business. Here are a few ideas on how to generate leads through LinkedIn:
  • Build meaningful, genuine relationships with industry professionals, such as curators, art consultants, and gallery owners. This can lead to opportunities in the future.
  • Make sure your profile clearly communicates that you’re open to art commissions.
  • Encourage your followers to subscribe to your newsletter for your latest promotions, exhibitions, and work.
  • Use LinkedIn ads to reach a targeted audience of potential buyers.
  • Use lead magnets, such as exclusive access to your online gallery, eBooks, or downloadable art catalogs, to generate more leads.
  • Offer limited-time discounts and promotions to incentivize your audience to purchase your artwork.

10 Artists You Should Be Following on LinkedIn

Start our LinkedIn journey by following these ten artists who’ve been using this platform to create a powerful personal brand.

1. Kevin Parry

Kevin Parry is a video wizard and a stop-motion animator who specializes in creating stunning visual effects.
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2. Davar Azarbeygui

Davar Azarbeygui is a design director and a creative professional specializing in concept-based designs. He’s also a design professor at the University of Cincinnati.

3. Zhenya Rynzhuk

Zhenya Rynzhuk is the founder of Synchronized Studio, Webby award-winning artist, and art director. Zhenya specializes in branding, animations, typography, and product and visual design.

4. Filip Justic

Filip Justic is the co-founder and head of design at BB Agency. This Croatia-based design expert manages creative teams and offers creative direction to brands.

5. Anna Wijnands

Anna Wijnands is a freelance illustrator who offers luxury illustrations for the lifestyle, beauty, and fashion industries.
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6. Sergio Membrillas

Sergio Membrillas is a freelance illustrator and creative director who has worked with clients like The New York Times, The New Yorker, and The Washington Post.

7. Ranganath Krishnamani

Ranganath Krishnamani is the founder and creative director at Liquidink Design. He’s an experienced illustrator and designer with a history of working in the healthcare, eLearning, and travel industries.

8. Nicte Cuevas

Nicte Cuevas is the creative cultivator and principal at Nicte Creative Design. With over 20 years of experience, Cuevas offers courses on design, color psychology, and branding.

9. Ujjwala Bassi

Ujjawala Bassi is an illustrator, visual artist, and graphic designer who talks about character design, animation, and graphic design.
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10. Karen X. Cheng

Karen Cheng is a creative director who talks about augmented reality tools and AI and how they revolutionize visual arts.
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