LinkedIn for Doctors: 7 Tips to Market Your Medical Practice with LinkedIn

LinkedIn for doctors can also be used for enhanced online visibility so prospective patients can find you.

LinkedIn for Doctors: 7 Tips to Market Your Medical Practice with LinkedIn
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LinkedIn for doctors is a great tool for enhanced online visibility, connecting with patients online, and promoting your medical practice.
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LinkedIn for Doctors: 7 Tips to Market Your Medical Practice with LinkedIn
The value of LinkedIn for business remains strong, but not many healthcare professionals know that it can just be as beneficial for promoting their practice. Other than the ability to connect with other healthcare professionals, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for reputation management.
LinkedIn for doctors can also be used for enhanced online visibility so prospective patients can find you. With an elevated personal brand, healthcare professionals can be discovered by medical industry leaders and medical recruiters and have more opportunities for professional referrals and career advancement.

Benefits of Using LinkedIn as a Doctor

LinkedIn for doctors offers some unique advantages:
  • Showcase your professional accomplishments.
  • Promote your practice.
  • Identify and connect with other physicians and specialists in your area.
  • Form a strong referral network.
  • Generate new patient leads.
  • Post content that helps you improve your personal brand and reputation.
  • Connect with hospital recruiters and discover new work opportunities.

How to Use LinkedIn to Market Your Medical Practice

Personal branding is just as important for doctors, dentists, and clinicians as it is for other professionals. With a strong personal brand, it’ll be easier for you to market your practice, attract new patients, and improve your profitability.

Give Your LinkedIn Profile a Refresh

Whether you want to use LinkedIn to attract new patients for your practice or find a new role in the industry, start by reviewing your profile and giving it a complete refresh. Here are a few areas you should pay special attention to:
  • Upload a recent, flattering, and professional-looking profile photo.
  • Make sure your LinkedIn banner gives viewers an idea about your speciality, skills, and services.
  • Make sure your headline is not just your title. Instead, use it to describe who you are, your skills, your goals, and how you’re helping others.
  • Use your summary section to discuss your experience, education, work history, and what you want to do next.
  • Be personal and relatable to communicate the unique value that you bring to the table.
  • Identify your key skills and list them in your skills section.

Post Content That Creates Trust

For doctors, one of the best ways to support the growth of their practice is by building trust with their potential patients. Post content demonstrating your knowledge and skills to build trust and position yourself as an expert in your field. An easy way to generate ideas for posts and polish your writing is by using Taplio’s AI-powered content creation.
Here are a few ideas on the type of content you can post on LinkedIn for doctors:
  • Professional insights on recent developments, research, and other medical topics.
  • Offer health tips and answer questions about specific health conditions.
  • Share educational content about preventative care.
  • Talk about your involvement in public health programs, studies, research, or clinical trials.
  • Share your views on public health policies and legislation.
  • Talk about the latest medical tools and technologies.

Maintain a Steady Posting Cadence

Managing a thriving practice and caring for your patients is a time-consuming job. But if you want to see results through LinkedIn for doctors, you need to maintain a steady posting cadence and be active on the platform. When your followers see your posts 3-4 times a week, it’s easier for them to remember you when they need your services.
Use tools and resources that help you make the most of your time. For example, you can use Taplio to schedule LinkedIn posts for the entire week in advance so you can focus on your practice during the week.

Interact with Others

Even with a stellar profile and great content, you won’t see much growth on LinkedIn if you don’t interact and engage with others. Whether you want to attract leads or get noticed in the online medical community, you need to interact with others.
Like, share, and comment on content from others. Aim to add value to discussions. When you’re actively participating on the platform, it will increase your visibility, and you’ll get more engagement in reciprocation. You can nurture relationships, reply to comments, and engage with posts from others while saving time through Taplio’s Engagement Builder.
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Use DMs to Your Advantage

As a healthcare professional, you can use DMs to collaborate with other professionals, share information, and build relationships. You can also use them to grow your practice, but the key is to use them mindfully, respect privacy, and maintain professionalism when you use them.
Here are a few ideas on how to use DMs effectively:
  • Send personalized DMs in bulk to connect with industry peers, colleagues, and other healthcare professionals.
  • Send DMs for collaboration for educational initiatives, research opportunities, or projects.
  • Use DMs to facilitate patient referrals with colleagues in different regions or specialties.
  • Send special offers, discounts, and promotions to existing and potential patients with Taplio’s lead generation tool.
  • Send DMs to medical recruiters to talk about healthcare job opportunities you’re interested in.

Make Your Posts Visually Attractive

If your posts fail to generate a lot of engagement, they may be missing the “human” factor. Here’s how you can make your posts more engaging through visual content:
  • Post infographics to explain complex concepts and share statistics.
  • Videos generate five times more engagement on LinkedIn.
  • Post polls and quizzes to encourage your audience to participate.
  • Share more graphics and images with health and wellness tips.

Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers and clinics can use LinkedIn lead generation to maintain a steady influx of patients seeking medical services. LinkedIn can also be used as a lead generation channel by medical equipment companies, pharmaceutical companies, and medical tech companies.
Use LinkedIn’s paid ad formats to raise awareness about your healthcare brand, get more patients for your clinic, or find participants for clinical trials. Smaller practices, dieticians, and healthcare service providers can also use a variety of lead magnets to capture leads on LinkedIn, such as:
  • Healthcare guidebooks about preventative care, treatment options, or specific health conditions.
  • Wellness eBooks about stress management, mental health, or nutrition.
  • Virtual workshops or webinars on health topics.
  • Downloadable checklists and online health assessments.
  • Nutrition plans and meal prep guides.
  • An app or tool for organizing medical records or tracking medication.

10 Doctors and Healthcare Professionals You Should Be Following on LinkedIn

Here are ten doctors and healthcare professionals who have inspired thousands with their LinkedIn content.

1. Tom Frieden

Dr. Frieden is a former CDC director and a physician with a background in epidemiology, public health, and infectious diseases. He’s now the President and CEO of Resolve to Save Lives, helping save millions from cardiovascular disease.
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2. Kevin Pho, M.D.

Kevin Pho is a physician, author, and keynote speaker who has been teaching other healthcare professionals how to use social media to manage their online reputation.

3. Karl Kabasele

Karl Kabasele is a public health physician, educator, and podcast producer who talks about equitable care and the issues indigenous people face in getting healthcare.

4. Adam Brown

Adam Brown is an emergency medicine physician, healthcare executive, and founder of ABIG Health, which helps healthcare businesses drive growth and create meaningful impact.

5. Casey Green

Casey Green is a critical care nurse who encourages nursing students and current nurses to advance in their careers by sharing study tips and career guidance.
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6. Rhonda Meadows

Rhonda Meadows is a physician, healthcare management consultant, and CEO with a long history of developing public policy and offering strategic leadership for government programs, public health, and health care.

7. Bonnie Clipper

Bonnie Clipper is a virtual nursing expert, speaker, author, and strategic advisor who posts about artificial intelligence, robotics, and other technologies that impact nursing.

8. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

As the Director General of WHO, Dr. Tedros brings attention to COVID-19, vaccine inequity, and WHO initiatives and programs throughout the world.
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9. Bill Frist

Senator and Doctor Bill Frist is a heart and lung transplant surgeon, a special partner at Cressy & Co., and founder and partner at Frist-Cressey Ventures.

10. Louis M. Profeta

Dr. Louis Profeta is an emergency physician, public speaker, and author. He maintains an active presence on LinkedIn and talks about burnout, helpful health insights, and a window into what it’s like to work in an emergency room.
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