Taplio Review 2024: Pros & Cons Deep Dive

Wondering if Taplio is the best tool to grow on LinkedIn? Check out this comprehensive review of Taplio’s features to help you make the best decision

Taplio Review 2024: Pros & Cons Deep Dive
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We take a look at Taplio’s pros and cons, features and pricing, so you can find out if it’s the right LinkedIn tool for you to get more reach, engagement and followers.
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Taplio Review 2024: Pros & Cons Deep Dive
Are you having little to no engagement on your LinkedIn posts?
Your LinkedIn connections don’t seem to care about your content, your posts lack engaging headlines or images, and you’re always one step behind going viral.
Fortunately, there are LinkedIn tools, such as Taplio, that can help you increase your reach, engagement, and followers.
So, let's take a look at Taplio's pros and cons, features, and pricing.

Taplio Breakdown - Pros & Cons

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  • Easy-to-use due to its clean and intuitive interface.
  • Gives you access to over 3 million contacts through its lead database.
  • Create highly relevant and engaging content at scale with its AI-powered features.
  • Helps you get noticed and start building a relationship on LinkedIn and through email.
  • Helps you take advantage of its features through extensive resources for self-help and learning


  • Being a feature-heavy tool, Taplio requires initial familiarization to make the most of it.
  • More suitable for those prioritizing value and features over budget constraints.

What is Taplio?

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Taplio is an AI-powered, all-in-one, tool that helps you take full advantage of LinkedIn. It comes with various tools and resources to streamline your LinkedIn content creation and expand your network.
But how does Taplio make you stand out on LinkedIn?

Taplio’s AI Content Creation

Taplio has multiple ways to write content that fits your brand voice and identity.

Personalized Content Generator

Taplio creates posts for your LinkedIn profile that fit your brand voice and make your audience engage through its AI content generator.
All it needs to know is your description, what topics interest you, and how much freedom you give it while creating content.
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Once you find something you think would go viral on your LinkedIn profile, you can use Taplio’s AI features to keep writing, adjust the tone, fix grammar, or ask for copywriting tips.

Post Generator

Do you know your next post’s topic but struggle with writer’s block?
Instead of spending a lot of time researching that topic online, you can use Taplio’s Post Generator. Give it a prompt about your next post, and Taplio will use AI to generate a complete post.
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LinkedIn carousels are a great way to catch your audience's attention and engage. You can manually create carousels or let Taplio do the hard work for you, which will save you time.
Taplio can create LinkedIn carousels based on YouTube videos or links. You can also ask its AI to provide a carousel based on any topic you want.
You can provide Taplio news, blog posts, case studies, and how-to guides, and it will use AI to generate a carousel.
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Edit the carousel and make it part of your brand or voice identity. Select the theme, change the background elements, and add your LinkedIn handle, name, headshot, etc.

Repurpose Content

Similar to the carousel generator, you can create new posts based on YouTube videos or URLs.
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If you want to generate LinkedIn content based on YouTube videos, ensure they are no longer than 15 minutes and voice-intensive.
Taplio will scan the transcript to generate the post.

Hook Generator

No matter which Taplio feature you use to create content, it needs an engaging hook.
Catch more eyes on LinkedIn and boost engagement rates by adding a scroll-stopping hook. Taplio will generate multiple versions for the same content, so you can choose the one that matches your brand voice.
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Finding Viral Content

Your LinkedIn feed might miss what’s really going viral on LinkedIn. Especially if you just started to build your network. So, how can you keep up with LinkedIn's best trends?
Taplio can find out what's going viral on LinkedIn for you. Depending on your account settings, it will find the most relevant posts for you. You can filter them by date, country, or platform. You can even exclude posts from specific LinkedIn accounts.
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Once you find something of interest, use it as inspiration to go viral on LinkedIn yourself!
You can also use Taplio’s Search Mode to find what’s trending for any topic.

Industry News Finder

Taplio finds the latest and most relevant news in your industry through its News Finder.
Then, it helps you establish yourself as an industry authority by adding your point of view and posting it on your LinkedIn profile. This way, your audience will think of you as someone up-to-date with industry information and challenges.

Search Mode

To find information about a specific topic, you can use Taplio’s Search mode. It helps you narrow the search by filtering viral posts by number of likes, published dates, format type, or platform.

LinkedIn Post Scheduling

Taplio helps you maintain a constant presence on LinkedIn with post-scheduling. You can sync your posts with business events, international holidays, product launches, and so on. This saves time and effort and increases your posts’ views, comments, and engagements.
You can publish your posts at a specific time and date, add them to your queue, or save them as drafts until you decide on the final version.
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You can also optimize your LinkedIn posting schedule by checking Taplio's tips on the best time to post.

LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn analytics offers key information about your post performance and audience engagement, helping you make better decisions about the topic, content structure, or tone.
Taplio provides insight into your LinkedIn profile by tracking the number of followers, engagements, profile views, impressions, and more. If you want to share your LinkedIn networking success, Taplio will create an eye-catching image showing your results.
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Taplio shows you which one of your posts has the most likes, replies, views, and comments. Once you find out what works best for your audience, you can double down on it.

CRM Features

Taplio does more than just create and schedule LinkedIn content. Its CRM features help you connect and build relationships with high-quality leads through LinkedIn.

Lead Database

Taplio helps you identify and connect with high-quality leads on LinkedIn through its 3M+ and growing lead database.
You can find your next business partner or client by telling Taplio what you’re looking for.
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Additionally, you can filter the database by criteria such as country, industry, job level, topics, etc. Once you find your next client, you can use Taplio’s icebreaker generator to reach out to them.

Contact Database

New comments, likes, or replies might get lost through LinkedIn notifications. Taplio, however, ensures you’re not missing any engagement opportunities through its contact database.
It puts together lists of people based on LinkedIn interaction.
By default, it includes people who commented or liked your LinkedIn post, so you can reach out to them and build relationships with these new connections.
Taplio helps you connect with more people beyond your posts. It can assemble a list of people who have interacted with other profiles’ posts, allowing you to discover new connections who share your interests.
Taplio will include their:
  • Name
  • Username
  • Email
  • Icebreaker
  • Company
  • Position
  • Followers

Direct Messages

Taplio helps you reach out to more relevant connections while saving time by sending bulk DMs. You can send up to 100 DMs per day, and Taplio will send one DM every 10 minutes. This way, LinkedIn will not flag your account for unsolicited or spammy messages.
To get noticed and start a relationship with your leads, Taplio allows you to personalize each message with your recipient's name, company, job title, city, and more.
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Engagement management

Instead of getting lost through LinkedIn notifications, Taplio makes engaging with relevant content easy.
Taplio’s LinkedIn engagement features help you find and engage with recent content your contacts created, reply to comments, or boost the performance of your organization's members by engaging with their LinkedIn posts.

Mentions Tracking

Keeping track of LinkedIn mentions is important for networking, reputation management, content strategy, and feedback collection. With Taplio, you can find and reply to recent LinkedIn posts that mention you or your company.
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Is Taplio Worth the Price?

Taplio offers three distinct pricing plans, each with distinct capabilities.
It also has a 7-day free trial, giving you ample time to judge if it's the right fit for you.
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What’s the right Taplio plan for you?

  • Starter is the right choice if you just started on LinkedIn and want to get some traction without spending too much time creating or finding relevant content. You can also get it right from the start by closely monitoring your content performance with detailed analytics.
  • Standard helps you intensify your LinkedIn strategy and accelerate your growth. Get more visibility with AI-generated posts and comments. Build a relationship with your target audience and integrate your favorite CRM or outreach tools. Also, Standard allows you to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts for your team members or clients.
  • Pro is the best option to generate millions of impressions and thousands of profile visits. Besides its extensive engagement capabilities, Pro boosts your outreach efforts with its database of 3M+ enriched LinkedIn accounts. Keep a constant and relevant presence on LinkedIn for your team and clients with Pro’s higher limits on AI post-generation and relationship-builder features.


Is Taplio free?

Taplio isn’t a free LinkedIn tool, but it offers a 7-day free trial for each plan and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Does Taplio have any free tools?

Yes. Taplio offers multiple free tools for expanding your LinkedIn connections. Taplio’s free tools include a LinkedIn carousel generator, headline generator, post booster, post generator, and more!

Is Taplio safe for LinkedIn?

Taplio focuses on analytics, content inspiration, and engagement, which makes it a safer option than other tools that rely on automation. It also keeps your account safe by limiting specific actions, such as sending direct messages.
LinkedIn is "nice" enough to systematically warn users before taking action, bringing everyone peace of mind.

Does Taplio keep running if you close your browser?

Unlike other LinkedIn tools, Taplio features keep running even if you close your browser or turn off your computer. Taplio will keep managing your scheduled posts, DMs, auto-DMS, etc. The only limitation is that you shouldn’t log out of Taplio as it will impact the cookies that Taplio uses.

How can you contact Taplio customer support?

If you want to get in touch with Taplio’s customer support, you can contact them through in-app chat or email.

The verdict

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Taplio is a great choice for creating LinkedIn content at scale, engaging with relevant posts, and keeping track of your LinkedIn analytics.
Due to its AI capabilities, you can speed up content creation and personalize your outreach at scale.

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