How to Find What’s Trending on LinkedIn and Capitalize on It

Enhance your LinkedIn presence with trending topics. Learn how to find and leverage them.

How to Find What’s Trending on LinkedIn and Capitalize on It
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Unleash the power of trending topics on LinkedIn. Gain valuable insights and optimize your content strategy for increased engagement.
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Stay Ahead: Mastering LinkedIn's Trending Topics
LinkedIn trends are your key to unlocking viral content.
From breaking news to industry developments, topics that are trending on LinkedIn can significantly impact how people interact with you on the platform. Instead of scrolling by, they will now like, share, and comment on your posts.
So, how can you find and take advantage of the most popular topics?
Trending topics on LinkedIn are the topics that users are currently talking about.
Whether a topic trends depends on many factors, such as breaking news stories, trending hashtags, and engagement. Every user’s feed is personalized and will include relevant trending topics based on their interests and profiles.
You can find what’s trending on LinkedIn from within the platform and through Taplio’s free LinkedIn trends feature.

LinkedIn News

LinkedIn’s team of editors delivers insights, trends, and news that are currently trending on the platform. The Daily Rundown is a feature that provides professional news each day. If you have the mobile app, you can turn on the notification to receive it each morning.
You can also browse through the Editor’s Picks, which shows you comments and posts labeled as the most relevant for a particular story. You can repost or comment on these posts to gain more visibility and engagement.
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Taplio’s LinkedIn Trends tool shows you the topics that are currently over-performing. This AI-powered tool generates a list of LinkedIn’s most popular posts by analyzing millions of LinkedIn posts every day.
You can boost your profile visibility by engaging with these posts. Share the posts on your profile, add a thoughtful comment, or send the author a connection request
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To grow your LinkedIn network and create new opportunities, you must take a proactive approach.
Analyze what is currently trending on LinkedIn and use these tips to start leveraging them to ensure that your LinkedIn account is working for you and your business.
Although you’ll find trends from around the world, not all of them will be relevant to you or your audience. Some of these might also be saturated.
So, how can you find relevant LinkedIn trends for you and your audience?
Look for trending topics that are relevant to local people and drill down to find phrases and words that are used in your locality. Interact with the popular accounts that are based in your area and talk about things that mean something to the people around you.
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Get more from LinkedIn trending topics than just an idea about the biggest stories in the world. You can identify the keywords and hashtags that are used most often.
Make your more discoverable to a wider audience beyond your network by using popular hashtags and keywords.
This data can also be used to shape your wider keyword research strategy for SEO. Although going viral on LinkedIn is not as easy as simply using a few popular hashtags and keywords, it does help get your post in front of a larger audience.

3. Join the Conversation

Join the talk around trends and add high-quality connections to your network. Connect with industry peers, engage with their content, and add value by sharing useful resources.
Join the conversation only if the trends are relevant to your niche and your personal brand. Be authentic and natural in your approach.
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Another great way to leverage what’s trending on LinkedIn is by creating content that users on the platform will be interested in.
Look up the current trends in your niche on Taplio to get an idea about what topics to write about. You can then use Taplio to write LinkedIn posts that people will share.

Don’t Jump on the Bandwagon if It Isn’t Relevant

One of the biggest mistakes LinkedIn users make is jumping on the latest trends and making superficial posts on them just to be a part of the conversation. Eventually, your audience will catch on and will be fatigued by the insincere posts. If you really want to build a personal brand on LinkedIn, you’ll need to ensure that you are using these trends in a genuine way.
Before you start searching for trending topics and creating posts, turn your attention to the people in your network and your prospects. Think about events that are currently affecting them the most, the impact an event has on them, and how you may be able to bring something valuable to the conversation. This is one of the best ways to gain a powerful foothold in a trend and provide a unique perspective on the topic.

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