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LinkedIn do's and don'ts for Lead generation





Linkedin is a great tool for building brands, and driving traffic, and generating leads for your business but majority of you are not doing it right, Most of the LinkedIn messages that i have come out spammy.

Here is how to fix that.

Why Is Lead Generation Important For Business?

Market Expansion

Lead generation is an effective way to expand your business. You can reach more potential customers by generating leads, and then converting them into paying clients. This will help you grow your business easily, since you are able to reach new markets, which would have been otherwise difficult for you.

Customer Feedback

When you receive feedback from your customers, it gives you an insight into how well your products or services are serving them. This is important because it allows you to improve on areas that need improvement. The best way to get customer feedback is through lead generation campaigns, as they allow you to get in touch with more customers than usual. This helps you improve the quality of your products or services, so that they better meet their needs and expectations.

Revenue Growth

Lead generation makes it possible for businesses to increase their revenue growth by tapping into untapped markets or finding new ways of doing business with existing clients. It also allows businesses to reach out to potential clients who might not have been reached before or who were previously unreachable due to geographical restrictions. With increased revenue comes increased profits and growth potentials for any business owner who takes advantage of this opportunity!

Create New Business Prospects

A good lead generation campaign will help you identify, target and approach potential customers who are ready and willing to buy from you. The more qualified leads you get, the better chance you have of closing a sale with one of them!

Propel Brand Visibility And Brand Awareness

Lead generation helps build brand recognition and visibility by driving traffic to websites or social media pages. This increases awareness about a company’s products or services and helps increase sales conversions over time.

Advantages of LinkedIn Lead Generation

Dedicated Professional Social Media Platform

LinkedIn is dedicated to helping professionals connect with each other. This means that it has an extremely active user base and has been around since 2002! The platform has over 500 million users worldwide, with around 70 percent of those being active on a weekly basis

Exceptional Company Targeting Results

The ability to target specific companies and locations is another reason why lead generation on LinkedIn is so effective for businesses. You can choose from over 500 million companies and locations worldwide within your industry and then narrow down further by industry type, size, revenue range etc.

Niche-Specific Groups

On LinkedIn, you can create niche-specific groups with very specific topics and interests. This allows you to target your audience much more effectively and create a better experience for them.

Showcase Pages

On LinkedIn, you can create a showcase page that showcases your business in an appealing way without having to go into too many details about what you do or how great your company is. This gives potential customers an easy way to find out more about your company without having to dig through other content that might not be relevant

Do’s of Linkedin

Optimize your professional profile for engagement

Update your Linkedin profile regularly and make sure it looks good. Make sure it includes all the information about yourself, such as your education and work experience. Try to be as transparent as possible without being too personal or irrelevant. Make sure you share interesting posts or articles that could be relevant to your industry on a regular basis. These will help you build trust with potential clients and customers in the long run. It also helps establish credibility and authority in the eyes of others on Linkedin.

Identify the right decision-makers to connect with

Identifying the right decision-makers who could benefit from what you have to offer as an entrepreneur or salesperson. You should also consider connecting with other influencers who may have a connection with these decision-makers so they can recommend them to you when they see that you have established a good rapport with each other through messages, comments

Maximize your profile’s visibility through posts and interactions

If you’re trying to increase your social media presence, lead generation can help you do that. By creating content that attracts leads and engaging with people who comment on your posts or interact with your page, you can build awareness about your brand and increase engagement. This is especially effective if you create content that helps people solve problems they have in their lives or businesses.

- Funnel followers to your landing pages and lead magnets

- Participate in LinkedIn Groups discussions to grow your following

- Let your colleagues and coworkers give you a boost

- Identify your top-performing content via LinkedIn analytics

Don'ts of Linkedin For Lead generation

DON’T be overly promotional

Don't just say things like buy this and that all over your post, provide some values and at last you can give a CTA to your product and service.

DON’T miss the opportunity to sell, when it arises

But when you get an opportunity to sell your product don't think twice just tell them. If anyone ask how to get this done just tell them what you know and what product or service of yours can help them.

No clear call to action

Make Your Call to Action Clear and Obvious, Avoid 2nd and 3rd Person CTAs

Not making up-front value part of your strategy

Whenever you are doing lead generation on linkedin and posting any posts make sure you give some value first instead of tell them about your service or product. Give them a reason to trust you.

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