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Chase Dimond


Marketers, Here are 6 storytelling elements you can leverage to make your marketing campaigns more engaging and memorable. What else would you add? And please REPOST this to help someone in your network benefit from it, thank you!

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Storytelling mistakes hurt your UX career. Here are 3 big ones to avoid: P.S. My course teaches you how to use storytelling to advance your design career. Hit the link in my bio to learn more.

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Before you spend anymore💲on learning the art of storytelling, know it’s dead. Correction - Pretty dead terrific* if you’re aiming to build a solid brand. 67% people are writing stories on LinkedIn, but only 2% get the recognition & engagement. Why you may ask? People want stories to feel real. They know when you fake it. Here’s a quick 101 guide to nail your storytelling. ↳ Be honest about weaknesses/mistakes. ↳ Don't sugarcoat struggles or times you failed. Owning imperfections builds trust. ↳ Share specific memories, conversations or lessons that bring the experience to life in a relatable way. ↳ Show emotion, allow your feelings about the experience to come through transparently using vivid words rather than vague generalities. ↳ Be humble and include others who supported/inspired you rather than focusing only on your role or achievements. ↳ Leave it raw, don't over-polish or tidy up the story. Bonus tip- Authenticity is built from vulnerability. Do you publish stories ? #storytelling #personalbrand #linkedin

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I can't stop staring at this piece of art. It was generated by an AI and it's amazing how AI is reaching human levels of creativity in so many domains. Very soon a 5th grader will be able to create in minutes what an expert currently creates in days. The explosion in creativity will be like nothing we've seen before. And it won't just be in the arts. We'll see an exponential rise in creativity and productivity across marketing, sales, design, code, and many other domains. ________ If you liked this, join Superhuman - my newsletter that helps 400k+ readers at companies like Apple and Microsoft get smart about tech: https://lnkd.in/djbh863m Source of art: MrUgleh

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AI will never take the creativity of my team! Check out Fiverr’s new out-of-home campaign in NYC.


I can't stop staring at this incredible painting. This art was created by AI and it's been viewed more than 10 million times in the last couple of days. AI is catching up to human ability across so many domains and what previously required deep expertise can now be created by any 5 year old with a phone. Creative output is going to 100x in the coming years and we're going to build more and better things than we could ever imagine. ________ If you liked this, join Superhuman - my newsletter with 400k+ readers that teaches you how to leverage AI to boost your productivity: https://lnkd.in/d2ZcidKG



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You don't get paid for effort. You get paid for value. Unfortunately, there are thousands of stories of people who spent hours upon hours building, crafting, tweaking, and launching... Only to find out that nobody wanted what they built. That's depressing. So, please don't let this happen to you. Instead, create a simple, fast MVP that you can get feedback on. Here's how: - Domain: $12/yr (Google) - Landing page: $19/yr (Carrd) - Payment processing: 2.9% (Stripe) I can usually validate that an idea is valuable in 24 hours. (And I'll never spend more than $31) Here's my process: https://lnkd.in/eBFxHrTd Give this process a try... Don't become another story of effort without value.


Big news to share: I am officially a free agent. I'm a firm believer that the journey takes you to places as a way to teach you. With that said, I am taking my time looking for what's next. I do know one thing, I have a strong desire to be a part of a fun team. And I really miss working with customers and driving impact for them. If you're looking for an AE that: -Loves to prospect -P-Club winning years -Loves to help customers win -Loves to see his teammates win -Has 5 years of selling experience in MM -> Enterprise -Has managers, directors & VPs who can vouch for my work ethic, culture fit, and performance -Owns his own development and invests in skills, mindset, etc Feel free to give me a shout! Already have a few initial conversations lined up (thanks to building my brand) and going to make sure I find the right long-term fit.


    I suffered a lot! 😷 I know the pain of starting out in freelancing. No templates, no guidance, and a lot of confusion! It took me 3 long years to figure it out. But guess what? You don't have to go through that. I've done the hard work for you. I've handpicked the best tools and resources that helped me succeed. Inside this kit, you'll find: ✅ Ideal Portfolio Template ✅ Ideal Proposal Template ✅ Effective Contract Template ✅ Invoice Template ✅ Lead Generation and Client Tracker ✅ Pricing Calculator ✅ Super-effective Cold Outreach Templates ✅ Super-effective Follow-up Templates ✅ Highly Effective Client Acquisition Checklist ✅ Tried and Tested Lead Generation Guide ✅ Conversion Tips for Discovery Calls ✅ Irresistible Offer Creation Guide ✅ Free Upskilling Resources ✅ 100+ Scaling Tools for Freelancers ✅ 50+ Ideal Lead Magnet Ideas ✅ Freelancer to Agency Guidelines This treasure chest is valued at Rs. 14,000, but I'm handing it to you for just Rs. 999. Everything you need to supercharge your freelancing journey is here. Don't miss out! Grab it now before it's gone. Check the link in the first comment. 🌟💰 #freelancers #tools #resources



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    Profile picture of Max Rascher 🧠

    Max Rascher 🧠


    If you’re still using ChatGPT for research and writing … ☑ Head over to Silatus ☑ Type in your research question ☑ Automate essay structures and research ☑ Generated from GOOGLE SCHOLAR SOURCES A true GAMECHANGER for anyone studying or in media 🚀 If you’ve got yourself a newsletter … or an essay coming up in a few days …. You should definitely check out Silatus. [Extra Features] → Automate weekly/daily insights  → Upload datasets and chat with them → Perfect for marketing teams and agencies alike Stop using ChatGPT for your research … Everything cut off at September 2021! Check out Silatus here 👉 https://silatus.com #ad #silatus #genai


    This. Changes. Everything. OpenAI just released Dall·E 3 and it works with ChatGPT - which means you can now generate pictures in ChatGPT directly. Here's what it can do: • Dall E in ChatGPT will be able to generate highly detailed images, including images that contain text (like memes and ads). • Unlike other image generators where you have to learn prompts, ChatGPT will generate prompts for you. • Images generated with ChatGPT will be yours to use or sell, without requiring permission. ____________ If you liked this, join Superhuman - my newsletter that helps 400k+ readers at companies like Apple and Microsoft get smart about tech: https://lnkd.in/djbh863m


    Breaking News: Now everyone can use AI Image Generation (without technical skills or technical knowledge) ! Watch this: Open AI are about to release DALL-E 3, the new text-to-image generation model in ChatGPT and it's accessible to everyone. The new tool makes it easy for anyone to use AI image generation without being technical and without knowing how to write complex prompts. The model can translate nuanced requests into very detailed and accurate images. Here are 3 key takeaways you need to know: 1. The DALL-E 3 is now just part of ChatGPT With the DALL-E 3 Image Model, you can simply type prompts directly into ChatGPT and it will create the images. There is no separate application or process. Previously if you wanted to use AI image generation, you most likely have been using MidJourney which you had to access a different application and do it through Discord. It was a bit long winded and technical. 2. DALLE-E 3 requires much more simple command prompts than previously. Example of how to prompt MidJourney: a Shakespeare stage play, 16mm film, yellow mist, atmospheric, set design by Michel Crête, Aerial acrobatics design by André Simard, hyperrealistic, 4K, Octane render, unreal engine, –ar 9:16 –uplight Example of how to prompt DALLE-E 3: To generate the images in the video you are watching, they have simply typed “My 5 year-old keeps talking about a super-duper sunflower hedgehog - - what does it look like?” And “Can you show me Larry’s House” This allows almost everyone the opportunity to use AI to generate wild and wonderful images, with a couple of words and a click of a button. 3. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI said BAAA will be released to ChatGPT + Users and Enterprise over the next couple of weeks. I don’t know about you but the idea of having an AI image generator, that is native to ChatGPT and has the capabilities of MidJourney V5 is quite remarkable and will be one hell of a moment for AI. If you liked this post and you want to be kept up to date with breaking news in AI, follow me Chris Donnelly and repost ♻️ this with your network. #AI #ChatGPT 



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    3 tips to convert your lead into a client! Many people come to me with this query; 'We are getting leads but not clients' The problem is not in your personal brand or content; it is in the pitch that you make to the client. Follow these tips to make your pitch stronger: 1. Listen to the problem of the client before presenting the solution. 2. Customise the solution; the same solution cannot cover all the clients. 3. Always prepare before the pitch to gain more confidence. These tips have worked great for me. Try them out and let me know if they worked for you as well.


    I love Alex Hormozi but he has pissed off the entire business coaching industry. After $100M Offer, he has launched his new book - $100M Leads which he gave away for FREE. Not only that but he also shares his entire business module - which coaches are charging $10k for - absolutely FREE. How to access it? - Go to acquisition. com/trainings/leads - You'll find a training video that is on: > Lead Magnet Mastery > First 5 Client Framework > Alex Hormozi's Media Content that helped him grow his audience to 2M > Cold Outreach Playbook > Paid Ads Playbook Anyone can use this and scale their business to 6-figures in matter of days. But you know what the sad part it? People will still not take action. Oh well. More money for everyone who does :P #leadgeneration

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    "In sales, it's not about having the right opportunities; it's about handling the opportunities right." — Mark Hunter 📌 Strategy Tip: Qualify your leads better. Time is money. Don't waste it on dead-end opportunities. #SalesStrategy #LeadQualification #TimeIsMoney



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    Generative AI for business: from open source to Assistants, with models/data/governance and SDK in between.

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    Generative AI: The Multi-Billion Dollar Game-Changer! 🌐🚀 📅 It’s been 9 months since ChatGPT launched. Within 7 months, it became the fastest consumer application to hit 100 million monthly active users. Top 6 Takeaways: 🔍 Most top products have been developed from scratch with generative AI. 🥇 ChatGPT is leading, but competitors are closing in. 🗣️ LLM assistants like ChatGPT are popular, but we're seeing a rise in companionship & and creative tools. 🏆 Some have taken the lead, but there's still a lot to compete for. 💰 Most top products grow organically, and yes, users are ready to pay! 📱 Mobile apps are the next frontier in generative AI. So, How Can Businesses Adapt? 📝 Strategy & Implementation: Establish clear policies on generative AI use across your company. Classify your business:👀 Use public models for cost efficiency. 🤖 Integrate existing models for customization & and scalability. 🚀 Invest in unique models for specific needs. Understand financial implications: model costs, usage fees, and oversight. Speed up code development, manage debt better, and automate routine tasks with GenAI. 🛠️ Infrastructure & Tech: Integrate generative AI seamlessly into your current tech setup. Upgrade to support both generative AI & and existing models. Ensure your data architecture processes all types of data. 💼 Team & Talent: Form a cross-functional GenAI team to strategize & and choose tools/services. Opt for open-source or existing services to save costs. Upskill key roles like MLOps engineers, ethical experts, etc. Explore tailored training programs. 🔒 Safety & Ethics: Recognize new risks & and have ongoing practices to manage them. Connect GenAI models with internal data for context. Let's discuss: How are you adapting to the Generative AI wave? 🌊 Img by Andreessen Horowitz #generativeai #artificialintelligence #chatgpt


    The excitement around generative AI reminds me of the 1990s and the excitement about the potential of the internet. #GenerativeAI sparks our imagination. Ahead of #AWSSummit New York tomorrow, here’s a good read from Swami Sivasubramanian on how generative AI actually works, and the patterns we already see emerging in businesses.



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    How to make a lot of money in real estate: 1. Make a lot of money doing something else. 2. Buy good buildings in good locations and take good care of them. 3. Don’t die. Let time do it’s thing. Wait years and years.

      Profile picture of Mitchell Weijerman

      Mitchell Weijerman


      My action plan for the upcoming real estate collapse I’m not sure if you’ve been following the news lately, but let me bring you up to speed: China is currently in the throes of a real estate whirlwind. In fact, it might be close to real estate apocalypse. Country Garden Holdings, the giant in the Chinese real estate industry, missed a debt payment. Just in the last year, new home sales in China have plummeted by 33%. There are around 55-60 million homes standing vacant. The bubble seems on the brink of bursting, and it might shake the global economy to its core. But here’s where it gets interesting for you… In the middle of chaos, the most fantastic buying opportunities often emerge. You can buy investments at a huge discount. Then wait for the markets to recover and sell high. To help you take advantage of these once-in-a-generation buying opportunities, I’m doing something I’ve NEVER done before. Tomorrow is my 31st birthday and I’m feeling generous. That’s why I’ve decided to give a $1500 discount on the Early Retirement Club program. What do you gain by joining? 🏆 At least 3 extra passive income streams from your investments 🏆 You get my step-by-step blueprint for creating a 5 to 7-figure investment portfolio 🏆 You have your own personal roadmap to achieve your financial goals within the timeframe you want 🏆 You'll personally be held accountable so you take the right steps and actions with my guidance 🏆 You only need 60 minutes per month to execute this ENTIRE strategy Watch out: this offer is only valid until Sunday 21:00 CET // 15:00 EST. Interested in joining at a huge discount? DM me the keyword ‘BDAY’ and you’ll receive the details. P.S. We must be connected so you can receive my messages. _____ 🤝 Hi, I’m Mitchell Weijerman, and I post about mindset, investing, and tax optimization. 🤝 Send me a connection request if you, like me, are looking to grow your network with like-minded people. 🔔 Follow me to learn more about personal finances. 🙌 Nothing in this post is financial advice. Just sharing my own opinion, research, and best practices.

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      ∞ Ravit Jain ∞


      How does the inner workings of a Machine Learning model work? INCOME and LOAN are the two essential variables we explore with this model. The goal is to predict the income of individuals based on various input features, including age, sex, and a score, along with their loan status. Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how we build the model: Initial Dataset: We start with a dataset containing information about individuals, including their income, loan status, age, sex, and score. Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA): We perform thorough EDA to gain insights into the data, spot patterns, and identify potential challenges. Data Cleaning: We ensure the dataset is free from errors, inconsistencies, and missing values. Data Curation: Redundant features are removed to streamline the dataset and enhance model performance. Pre-Processed Dataset: We preprocess the data using techniques like PCA (Principal Component Analysis) and LDA (Linear Discriminant Analysis) to reduce dimensionality and extract meaningful features. Use as Training Set: After preprocessing, we split the dataset into a training set and a test set. The training set is used to teach the model patterns and relationships in the data. Learning Algorithms & Hyperparameter Optimization: We apply various learning algorithms, such as SVM (Support Vector Machine), LR (Logistic Regression), KNN (K-Nearest Neighbors), DT (Decision Trees), and RF (Random Forest). The hyperparameters of these models are fine-tuned using grid search to achieve optimal performance. Feature Selection: We select the most relevant features that significantly impact the outcome to avoid overfitting and improve interpretability. Cross-Validation Model: To validate the model's robustness, we employ cross-validation techniques to measure its generalization performance. Trained Model & Predicted Y values: Once the model is trained, we use the test set to make predictions on unseen data. Evaluation Metrics: We evaluate the model's performance using various metrics like classification accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, MCC (Matthews Correlation Coefficient), RMSE (Root Mean Squared Error), MSE (Mean Squared Error), and R² (R-squared) for regression tasks. Regression: We explore the relationship between input features and income through regression analysis. Evaluate Model Performances: We assess how well our model performs on the given dataset and make necessary adjustments if needed. Additional Models: We experimented with Random Search and Gradient Boosting (GB) to compare their performances with RF. The final model is ready to make predictions on new data, helping us gain insights into the income levels of individuals and their loan status. Machine Learning offers limitless opportunities, and we are thrilled to leverage this model for meaningful real-world applications! Follow The Ravit Show Newsletter link in the comments!



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      Networking in the field of psychology is genuinely a very very underrated and underutilized skill. Over the years, I have realized that hard work, pure talent, and grit have their own role in success in a career, but a strong network gives a huge boost. A lot of students still see events on mental health and Psychology from a purely learning perspective. Their decision to go depends on what they *might* learn there. The networking aspect of these events is still missing. Knowing who will be at the event is important too. There’s an event on mental health happening almost everywhere next month. There will be ample opportunity to network at such places. Visit an event, talk to some people, tell them about yourself, and learn about them. Maybe, if they have an opportunity someday, they will think of you. I know it's easier said than done. Your social skills and your social battery will be tested but even if you make one new acquaintance, it could have great results in the future. Ask that question. Write that email. Drop that message. The cost is very little, and the upside is great. #networking #psychology

      Profile picture of Austin Belcak

      Austin Belcak


      Most job seekers think networking is: - Coffee chats - Zoom meetings - Networking events That’s simply not true. Our clients have built great relationships by: - Inviting someone on a hike - Taking a contact to a cooking class - Playing video games together The best relationships are built on shared passions and interests. Lean into that and you'll supercharge your network.

        Profile picture of ✨Catherine Canales

        ✨Catherine Canales


        Do you want to grow your personal brand? Then you need to master the art of networking. Here’s why: 1️⃣ Networking is about giving, not taking. Add value to others by offering introductions, recommendations, or resources. This will build trust, rapport, and goodwill. And you will also attract more opportunities and connections for yourself. It’s like karma: what goes around, comes around. 2️⃣ Networking is not only for job seekers. Network all the time, with people who share your interests, goals, or challenges. This will keep you updated on the latest trends, insights, and opportunities in your industry or domain. You will also expand your network and influence, and be ready for any changes or transitions in your career. 3️⃣ Networking is about building long-term relationships. Build trust, rapport, and value with others over time. Follow up, stay in touch, and provide support to your contacts. This will create lasting relationships that can benefit you and them in the long run. Be authentic and you will also create a positive reputation and impression as a person who cares about others and delivers value. 💡 Remember: networking is not just about connecting with people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities. So, what are you waiting for? Start networking today and see the magic happen! ✨

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        "Growth is not a perfectly linear process" If you think about your journey, you'll recognize how important it is to acknowledge that growth isn’t just about moving up and to the right on some theoretical graph. It's about the whole story - the ups, the downs, and everything in between. The Myth of Linear Growth We're conditioned to think that progress should look like a straight line. This linear mindset can also invade the workplace. Year-over-year metrics, quarterly growth rates, and even those performance reviews can create an environment that pressures us to demonstrate continuous, measurable improvements. Peaks, Valleys, and Plateaus If growth were a hiking trail, it wouldn't be a smooth, straight path; it'd be filled with peaks, valleys, and plateaus. Sometimes you're climbing at an impressive rate (new job, new skill set, rapid recovery from illness), and other times you're descending (mistakes, setbacks, relapses). And then, of course, there are plateaus. Those times where it feels like nothing is happening. You're putting in the effort but not seeing the rewards. Maybe you're learning a new programming language and can't seem to progress past a certain point. Or perhaps you're recovering from an illness, and you hit a frustrating standstill. Plateaus are natural. They are not your enemy; they're an integral part of the journey. The Importance of Resilience and Rest On those difficult days, when the graph seems to be plotting downwards or flatlining, remember this: Rest, don’t quit. That's the advice you’d give to a good friend, so why not extend the same courtesy to yourself? If you're trying to kick an unhealthy habit, remember that a setback isn’t the end. If you're learning a new skill and find yourself stuck, maybe it's time to step back, take a breather, and reassess. And let's not underestimate the power of rest. There's research to back up the notion that your brain consolidates learning and makes connections while you're at rest. So, never feel guilty for taking a step back to recharge. Embrace Non-Linear Growth One thing that can help is to stop judging your growth by someone else's ruler. Your journey is uniquely yours, so why compare it to someone else’s Instagram highlight reel? Also, consider celebrating your 'small wins.' Maybe today you solved a problem at work that’s been nagging you for weeks, or perhaps you managed to walk a mile after recovering from an injury. These moments count, and they are bricks in the foundation of your growth. In Summary Growth is not a perfectly linear process. It's a complicated journey that involves peaks, valleys, and plateaus. Growth isn’t about a relentless upward trajectory. It's about the resilience to keep going, the wisdom to know when to rest, and the courage to jump back in. Illustration by Liz Fosslien #productivity #motivation #work #growth

        • Whether you’re learning something new or recovering from an illness or unhealthy habits, you likely won’t make the same amount of progress every day.

The important thing is to keep moving forward - and, on the really hard days, rest rather than quit.


        There are three core jobs of a business model. 1️⃣ CREATE VALUE You create value with your Unique Value Proposition (UVP). To craft a compelling UVP, you must deeply understand your Customer Segments and their Problem(s). 2️⃣ DELIVER VALUE You deliver value through your Solution and Channels. 3️⃣ CAPTURE VALUE Value capture (getting paid) lies at the intersection of your Cost Structure and Revenue Streams. A Lean Canvas also helps you describe two more essential jobs: 4️⃣ MEASURE VALUE You measure the output of these three jobs using your Key Metrics. 5️⃣ DEFEND VALUE You deter copycats and competitors using your Unfair Advantage. Lean Canvas = Business Model Story

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        Why earning $10 through revenue increase is better than earning the same by reducing costs?   The conventional school of thought often celebrates 'shrinking to grow'. CEOs in healthcare and elsewhere are observed to tighten their belts, deploying aggressive cost-cutting. But is this truly growth?   Growth through 'shrinking' is an illusion. It's a mirage that lasts as long as there is fat to be cut. The moment you run out of fat, the growth stops.   Contrarily, an increase in revenue is a sign of genuine growth. It's a testament to a company's competitiveness, an affirmation of its market acceptance.   And here's the kicker: Revenue enhancement is limitless. The sky is indeed the limit.   That said, cost optimization is a vital aspect of business and cannot be undermined. But it cannot take long-term precedence over revenue generation.   At the end of the day, it's the companies that focus on increasing revenues that thrive and lead the race.   So, the next time you're faced with the option of 'shrinking' or 'growing', choose wisely. Remember, there are stiff penalties to pay for businesses who prioritize the easier cost cutting route. #growth #healthcare #revenue #costs



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        My LinkedIn is bigger than my hometown. Zenica: 115,000 population Jasmin: 130,000 followers It's funny because... 2 years ago, I had zero social media followers. 5 years ago, all I wanted is more opportunities. 10 years ago, I wanted to leave Bosnia for good. Today... I'm motivating thousands to start their journeys. I'm helping thousands to realize their potential. I'm enabling millions from "smaller" countries. For me, growth isn't about the numbers. Growth is about "breaking boundaries". Mental or geographical. For me. For you. Stay growing, friends! ❤️ P.S. Where do you follow me from? What's your city or country famous for? Let's comment a lot today!


        Guaranteed 100,000 followers on LinkedIn in 1 month. No, this isn't clickbait. I know I have 41,000 followers, and yet I'm giving you this guarantee. But hear me out. A year ago, a client approached me with a single request: to gain as many followers on LinkedIn in a short span of time. I warned him that it might not be possible without risking his account. He responded, "I don't care. Do whatever it takes, but I want that number." I utilized a few tools and groups. And guess what? He gained 100,000 followers in one month. But here's the catch: His account became lifeless. There was no engagement, no likes, no comments, and most importantly, no leads. In the end, he had to create a new LinkedIn account. Curious about examples? 🎯While I can't name any influencers who buy followers, you can certainly find them on your own. 🎯Ever come across an account with hundreds of thousands of followers, but only around 100 likes on their posts? 🎯How is that even possible? 🎯There are many agencies that provide fake followers for as low as 1 rupee per follower. But what's the benefit? Your account will become inactive. So, I urge you not to follow this path. Trust me, it won't help you earn even a single rupee. Want to grow organically and receive inbound leads? Connect with me or DM me. You can book 1:1 consultation with me link is in my bio. #freelancing #linkedinbranding #linkedininfluencer #contentcreator #socialmediaadvertising #socialmediamarketingstrategy

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        A Start-up Story of Surya Varshan #Nakednature Hardwork Pays off ✨ Follow HR Swapnil Chaudhari #startupstory #linkedinforcreators #linkedin #motivation


        How can I use those trending topics in my posts?

        Using what’s popular on Linkedin is a great way of making relevant, high-performing content that attracts an audience. If that’s what you’re most interested in, we suggest you start including some of those topics inside your posts, if these are relevant.

        Want to go a step further? Our tool Taplio is free to try and helps you grow your Linkedin audience and attract more opportunities with Linkedin. Content inspiration, scheduling, automation, analytics, it’s all there. Give it a shot and see how easy it is to build a high-performing account that drives results.

        I want me or my brand to be a trending topic, how can I do that?

        If your goal is to be in what people call “TT” (Trending topics), let us start by saying: it’s complicated. There’s tens of thousands of topics that are being talked about every day on Linkedin, and no one knows exactly what’s behind Linkedin's algorithm to define them.

        Instead of shooting for trending topics, you should probably focus more on building the right audience over time. Sure, if your hashtag is amongst trending topics it will give you a lift in reach and impressions. But that’s only temporary and it’s much more efficient to focus on consistent growth.

        Check out other trends:

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