LinkedIn Inspiration Guide: 12 Post Ideas for a Motivated Feed

Quality content can flow naturally with the right kind of LinkedIn inspiration.

LinkedIn Inspiration Guide: 12 Post Ideas for a Motivated Feed
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Get LinkedIn inspiration for quality content. Boost engagement and grow your network. Discover effective tips in this article
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LinkedIn Inspiration Guide: 12 Post Ideas for a Motivated Feed
Quality content can flow naturally with the right kind of LinkedIn inspiration. Quality matters more than ever on the platform because it allows you to grow your network and nurture better relationships.
Engagement rates tend to be low for most people, but you can get more likes, comments, and shares on your content by doing this differently. Trying different formats, adding videos, infographics, and images can all help you increase impressions.
The most effective way to improve engagement is by finding the right source of LinkedIn inspiration, like the ones we’ll share in this article.
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Types of LinkedIn Posts That Perform Well

If you want to write LinkedIn posts that people share, you’ll need to learn about the elements that make posts successful. With so many different ways to share content on LinkedIn and content formats, here are the ones you should be focusing on:
  • LinkedIn polls
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Well-formatted text posts

12 Types of Posts if You’re in Need of LinkedIn Inspiration

Now that you know which types of posts perform best on LinkedIn, it’s time for some LinkedIn post inspiration.

1. Personal Story

If you want to create engaging content for LinkedIn, share a personal story or experience your audience can relate to. This is one of the best content to post on the platform because your experience is unique and helps you come across as authentic and human.
Regardless of how small or mundane your experience may seem, it may be valuable for your readers. Use storytelling elements to convey your learnings and life lessons in an interesting, captivating manner.
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2. Growth Hack

Help your audience learn something that will benefit them by sharing growth hacks related to your niche. Every day you’ll come across countless growth hacks posted on LinkedIn. If you want your post to stand out, you must combine it with your personal story on how you used these hacks to achieve success.
You’ll never run out of ideas when it comes to posting growth hacks, so there are endless opportunities to explore here. More importantly, actionable tips like these tend to get a lot of engagement.
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3. Video Posts

Videos are more likely to get the attention of your target audience, start a conversation, and generate leads on LinkedIn. This is why videos should definitely be a part of your content strategy. Use tools like or to easily add some to your posts.
You can incorporate videos into your personal brand’s content marketing strategy in several ways. You can use videos to share a case study with your audience, talk about your work process, or do a short series that provides actionable advice and tips to your readers. These will help you build credibility and increase your reach on the platform, as users are more likely to share videos.
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4. Interesting Stat

Sharing interesting statistics and data on LinkedIn always works because it helps people take notice. Look up recent stats in your niche and share them with your audience. It helps you start a conversation, gives you credibility, and gains more followers.
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5. Your Habits

Most professionals and solopreneurs are busy. They often struggle to balance their responsibilities and maintain a consistent routine. If you’ve nailed your routine, it’s time to share it with your audience.
The same goes for any good habits you have developed, such as waking up early every morning, working out consistently, or a habit that increases your productivity. Share it with your network, and your post will likely receive a lot of traction.
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6. Misconceptions

Do you know of any common myths or misconceptions that people have in your niche? Share a post busting one of these myths or giving your readers more clarity about a misconception.
Format your post effectively to make it easy to read, break up the text, and provide an interesting angle to your readers, and your post will have good potential to generate a lot of comments and likes.
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7. Your Journey

Everyone on LinkedIn is on their professional journey. Inspire others by sharing your story and providing interesting insights on how you made it this far.
Anything that helps your readers move forward or grow will help. As long as you write the post with the genuine intention of helping others and not bragging about your achievements, you can get a ton of engagement. Just take a look at this post for some LinkedIn inspiration.
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8. LinkedIn Poll

Can’t decide what to post on LinkedIn? You can’t go wrong with a poll. There’s nothing better than a poll to get your audience thinking and motivating them to engage with your content. Polls can generate responses from many of your audience, even those who don’t prefer commenting.
Think of an interesting poll question, post it, and see the responses rolling in. Just make sure you’re making the most of it by replying to comments and engaging with your audience.
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9. Memes

There’s nothing with occasionally sharing a meme on LinkedIn, even if it’s a professional network. In fact, it can help you entertain your audience and add a little humor to you’re their feed.
You don’t always have to be rigid and professional on LinkedIn. Share memes relevant to your niche and ensure it’s something your audience will relate to. Memes are universally loved, so it won’t be surprising if a meme post receives more engagement than your value-packed LinkedIn post.
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10. A Recent Win

Did you recently get a new client, get a promotion at work, or achieve something remarkable? Post about it on LinkedIn. Even better, talk about how you achieved it and provide some actionable tips so your readers can replicate those results for themselves.
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11. Do’s and Don’ts

An easy LinkedIn post to put together is a list of do’s and don’ts on a topic your audience is familiar with. Is there a common situation that people in your niche struggle with?
Get your creative chops out and put together a list of what they should and shouldn’t do in that situation. Your post may help your readers and generate your engagement. Even if you have a LinkedIn company page, sharing this type of post can help you build trust with your audience.
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12. Life Lesson

Everyone’s life is different. You may have faced unique challenges, faced problems, and learned a few lessons along the way. You have a unique perspective on things because of these experiences.
Share these life lessons freely with your readers. Be authentic and humble; some of these lessons may be valuable to your followers.
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