What to post on LinkedIn - 7 Impactful Ideas

Discover ideas on what to post on LinkedIn to improve your engagement and attract new connections.

What to post on LinkedIn - 7 Impactful Ideas
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Discover ideas for what to post on LinkedIn and improve your content strategy for LinkedIn.
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What to post on LinkedIn - 7 Impactful Ideas
Maintaining a presence on LinkedIn is not enough to generate results. You’ll need to create a content marketing strategy to clearly understand your goals, target audience, what to post on LinkedIn, and when to post.
This strategy should also tie into the overall goals of your business. Build a strategy, document it, and stay consistent. This is the best way to get results. This post will help you determine what and how often to post on LinkedIn weekly.
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How Often to Post on LinkedIn

There’s no clear answer to this question because your posting frequently will depend on several factors, such as your niche, target audience, goals, and the type of content you usually share.
If you are building a personal brand on LinkedIn, there are a few things to remember. Think about how popular and active your industry is. You can post every day if you are in an industry such as personal finance or marketing.
Quality is always more important than posting frequency. Good quality content will increase engagement through comments, likes, and shares. Post only as often as you are able to generate high-quality, valuable content for your audience.
If you want to post on LinkedIn and Twitter at the same time, we have a guide that will help you with this process. Check out how to publish on both LinkedIn and Twitter.

What to Post on LinkedIn: The 5:3:2 Rule

Even if you plan to post daily on LinkedIn, you don’t need to spend hours crafting the perfect post each day. Part of your content strategy should be finding and sharing content from other sources your audiences might find useful.
Here’s a good thumb of rule for sharing on LinkedIn. For every 10 LinkedIn posts you share:
  • 5 posts should be relevant content from other sources.
  • 3 posts should be content that you create, ideally something relevant and not a pitch.
  • 2 posts should be something that shows the personal, human side of your brand.
Following this strategy will free up your time so you can engage with your target audience. It will also ensure that you continue to deliver content that your readers will value.

7 Post Ideas for Each Day of the Week

Now that you know your posting frequency and what content to post on LinkedIn, here are a few post ideas from which you can draw inspiration.

Actionable Tips

If you have industry expertise, you may want to post actionable tips that your audience can implement. This allows you to showcase your expertise and gives value to your audience. It makes it more likely for readers to follow you.
Here’s a great example of actionable tips shared in a convenient and engaging format in the form of a LinkedIn carousel.
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Lessons Learned

One of the best ways to connect with your audience is by sharing the lessons you learned in your life. Talking about the mistakes you made and what you learned through them shows your honesty and vulnerability.
This post format works because it helps people resonate with you while providing them with the knowledge to avoid the same mistakes. You can also use this format to talk about new skills or anything you have recently learned.
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Personal Story

Although LinkedIn is a place to build a professional network, there’s also a place on the platform to share your personal story. You may not be comfortable opening up to thousands of people online, but some of the best posts you’ll find on LinkedIn are where people share their personal stories.
Sharing your story gives people a glimpse into who you really are. You don’t need to post things that are uncomfortable or too personal. You can also talk about how you started your business, how you found work-life balance or a routine you follow to boost personal productivity.
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Behind the Scenes

If you are struggling with ideas on what to post on LinkedIn, you may want to give your readers an insider’s look into your brand, your team, and how you do what you do.
Talk about life at your company, what a day in your life at work looks like, or the process you follow to achieve a certain result.
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Motivational Content

LinkedIn is a great place to share inspirational stories, whether it is your own story or someone else’s. This type of content gains a lot of traction with users on the platform. There are several ways you can try this approach, by sharing an inspiring case study, quotes, or anything else that will inspire others.
Find a way that fits your content style and your audience's preferences. If you share a quote or a story of someone else’s, be sure to tag them. This will increase your reach and allow you to open up a discussion.
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Exclusive Content

With all the valuable content you will be sharing throughout the week, once a week is a good time to share a lead magnet that will allow you to get new leads on LinkedIn. If you have an exclusive eBook or any other lead magnet, create a post and ask your audience to comment or DM you to receive it for free. Alternatively, you can provide a link to your landing page where you will be able to capture the lead.
This will increase the reach and visibility of your content. Free resources increase engagement and provide you with high-quality leads interested in your product. It is easy but highly effective.
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Lighthearted Content

End the week by sharing something lighthearted or funny to balance off the professional content you post. Sharing memes or something funny that is still in line with your brand personality is a great way to show your personality and increase engagement on LinkedIn. This type of content is entertaining, hard to ignore, and easy to consume. Just ensure that the content you share is not offensive or controversial.
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