How to grow on LinkedIn as Graphic Designer

Boost your graphic design career on LinkedIn. This guide covers the basics of building a strong profile, making connections, and reaching a huge audience.

How to grow on LinkedIn as Graphic Designer
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Can graphic designers use LinkedIn to their advantage? Learn how to grow on LinkedIn for graphic designer here.
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LinkedIn for Graphic Designers: the ultimate guide for growing and getting clients
As a graphic designer, showing your creative side on a business networking site like LinkedIn can be difficult. You won't be able to explore font choices or create beautiful layouts to introduce yourself and your work.
But it's a big loss to pass up on LinkedIn's huge audience count.
By knowing how to grow your LinkedIn for graphic designer, you'll have the opportunity to boost your name in the industry. In addition, you can make connections easier and sell yourself to others.
In this guide, we'll cover the basics of building your LinkedIn profile as a graphic designer.
Whether you're focused on building your audience or monetizing your content, Taplio has a set of resources that will help you succeed on the platform. Try them now!

Improve Your Profile

The most fundamental step in growing your LinkedIn account as a graphic designer is to improve your profile. That means leveraging three important sections when getting started on LinkedIn:
  • Your LinkedIn Headline
  • Your LinkedIn Summary
  • Your LinkedIn Banner
Here's a more in-depth look at each basic LinkedIn section:

LinkedIn Headlines For Graphic Designers

Many LinkedIn users often make the mistake of overlooking their professional headlines. But in reality, a good LinkedIn headline can attract more clients and build your name.
Since you'll find your headline below your name, it needs to have the right mix of keywords to rank higher in the search results. For instance, putting "UX Designer" as your job title and adding in a few skills like "video editing" can do the job.
You can check out the sample below for a good LinkedIn headline:
notion image
Read our LinkedIn Headline 101 guide to learn more about the dos and don'ts of a LinkedIn headline.

LinkedIn Summary For Graphic Designers

Another important section on your LinkedIn page to consider is your About Me section or your LinkedIn summary. You can add a quick overview of your background, experiences, skills, and many more.
Keep in mind the 2,000-character limit for your LinkedIn summary. Besides this, make the first three lines of this section fun and engaging to grab your viewers' attention.
You can check out the sample below for a good LinkedIn summary:
notion image
Explore the best tips on How to Write LinkedIn Summary in our in-depth guide.

LinkedIn Banner For Graphic Designers

Like your profile photo, your LinkedIn banner also plays a huge role in attracting potential clients. It's among the first few things people will see while visiting your account.
So to create a lasting first impression, a good LinkedIn banner must have your title, a vivid background or photo, and a call to action:
notion image
Learn more about the basics of a great LinkedIn banner in The Ultimate Guide for LinkedIn Banners.

LinkedIn Profile Examples For Graphic Designers

Here are some of the best LinkedIn profiles for graphic designers:
notion image
notion image

How To Grow On LinkedIn For Graphic Designer

Once you've mastered building your LinkedIn profile, the next step is to grow your name. Otherwise, you won't be able to have a loyal community and opportunities to nurture it.

LinkedIn Strategy For Graphic Designers

The best LinkedIn tip for graphic designers is to focus on your online visibility and reach. You must maintain your presence by actively posting content and reaching out to potential clients:
  • Release Regular Content: You need to know which content resonates with your target audience. You should also identify the best time to post on LinkedIn and the types of posts (ex. photos, videos, news, blogs, etc.) they'll like.
If you want to read more about maintaining your online visibility and reach, check out our How Often to Post Content on LinkedIn guide for a more in-depth discussion.

Best LinkedIn Groups For Graphic Designers

LinkedIn groups exist because of networking. Joining them allows you to interact with other graphic designers or like-minded individuals.
The nice thing about LinkedIn is that it contains plenty of LinkedIn groups for graphic designers:
  • Freelance Graphic and Web Designers: This LinkedIn group is ideal for freelancers. You'll find connections who would gladly share tips and tricks for your work.
  • Designers - Web/Graphic, User Experience (UI, UX), Interaction Design: This LinkedIn group is more exclusive than other designer groups on the platform. But once you get in, you can have peer feedback on your designs and codes. You can also share ideas and collaborate with other members.


Building a LinkedIn profile for a graphic designer can be challenging, especially for newbies. But it doesn't have to be that way with the help of third-party apps like Taplio.
Taplio is a robust AI-powered tool that helps you build your name, grow your connections, and maintain online visibility. In addition, you can get inspiration for your posts, release your content with the LinkedIn post scheduler, and nurture relationships with clients. Reach out to us today and check out our LinkedIn Personal Brand Crash Course guide to get started.

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