Lead Nurturing Best Practices for LinkedIn

Optimize lead nurturing and gain a competitive edge on LinkedIn.

Lead Nurturing Best Practices for LinkedIn
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Master lead nurturing best practices for LinkedIn to maximize revenue generation and stand out from competitors.
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Lead Nurturing Best Practices for LinkedIn
LinkedIn offers brands a fantastic channel to grow their presence and find new customers. But if you’re focusing all your time and efforts on lead generation and not nurturing, you may be missing out on generating revenue.
With over 57 million companies on LinkedIn, your lead nurturing strategy can allow you to differentiate your business from your competition. In this article, we’ll talk about why lead nurturing is so important and some effective lead nurturing best practices to follow specifically for this channel.
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What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is nothing more than building relationships with prospects that aren’t yet ready to purchase. With the right tools and strategy, you can continue providing them with information that will eventually convince them to purchase.

Why is Lead Nurturing so Important?

Most marketers know LinkedIn is a powerful B2B lead generation platform. But here are a few reasons why you should focus on nurturing the leads you generate through LinkedIn.
  • It allows you to build meaningful relationships. The point of LinkedIn is to use it for networking. If your target audience is on LinkedIn, you need to be there to build lasting relationships with them.
  • LinkedIn is very competitive. This is your opportunity to step in with a stellar lead-nurturing strategy to attract and convert leads your competitors are missing out on.
  • Lead nurturing allows you to establish credibility. This can be done by publishing high-quality, data-driven content on the platform.
  • You’re more likely to receive replies when you take the time to learn more about a potential customer before getting in touch with them.
  • Lead nurturing allows you to build rapport and earn the trust of your prospects. When you address your audience's common pain points, you stay top-of-mind and demonstrate that your personal brand has more than just a sales pitch to offer.

7 Lead Nurturing Best Practices to Follow

We’ve already established why lead nurturing is so important. But how do you even start? Follow these seven best practices for lead nurturing to put your best foot forward with your potential clients.

1. Don’t Overlook Lead Scoring

Lead scoring refers to quantifying the value of a lead and then ranking leads in terms of priority. Some of the factors that impact lead scoring can be determined by looking at their LinkedIn profile, industry, role, company website, company page, and more. To determine their value, you should also compare each prospect to your ideal customer profile.
When you’re following account-based marketing, scoring your leads is even more important to determine how you should allocate resources for lead nurturing. High-value leads should be allocated more resources.

2. Publish Quality Content Consistently

One of the most effective lead nurturing best practices is consistently posting quality content on the platform. It’s no longer enough to have a presence on LinkedIn, you also need to be active. Share valuable insights and content to get the attention of your prospects. This will also improve your LinkedIn SSI score.
Consistently sharing content on the platform will increase your chances of getting discovered by your target audience, pushing them to the top of your LinkedIn lead generation funnel. You can then continue to nurture those leads by sharing content that establishes you as an authority in your industry. Get more eyes on your content by encouraging your employees to share it.
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3. Start Conversations Proactively

Be proactive and craft messaging campaigns that speak to your target audience and sound authentic. Your product or service may be able to solve problems your prospects are facing, but you need to communicate it effectively to them. Ditch the indecision, and don’t be scared to be the first person to strike up a conversation.
Think about topics that can help you start those conversations. Whether you’re starting a conversation on LinkedIn InMail or want to look into LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, the key is to provide value-driven content and use a personal tone and authentic voice.

4. Participate in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are not only a great avenue to generate new leads, but they can also be a space for you to nurture those leads. You’ll be able to connect with a lot of people in your niche, learn more about the problems they are facing, and determine if your products and services can solve those problems for them.
Once you determine they’re the right fit, you can nurture those leads through private messages and convert them successfully.
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5. Stay Top-Of-Mind

You don’t need to incessantly message your prospects to nurture them. Your goal is to stay top-of-mind, which can be done in several ways, such as by making sure they’ll discover your content regularly on their feed, using LinkedIn Form Ads, and through Ad Retargeting.
With the right ads, you can reach your prospects at the right time and encourage them to move forward on their buying journey through content that helps their decision-making process. Ad Retargeting is particularly effective at achieving this by accelerating their buyer journey.
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6. Engage Consistently

One of the most important lead nurturing best practices that you cannot afford to overlook is engagement. If you’re not using LinkedIn to have conversations with others, you’re missing out on the whole point. Your prospects will be more inclined to make a purchase from you if you have a good relationship with them.
Respond to comments on your posts and find relevant posts from your prospects to leave comments. Use the “Engage” feature on Taplio to find the best posts for you to engage with. Engage regularly with your prospects before you send a sales pitch their way. They’ll be more likely to respond when you’ve already built a relationship with them.
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7. More Prospects to an Email List

Email campaigns are incredibly effective for lead nurturing. Once you’ve already nurtured your leads on LinkedIn, it's time to move them to your email. Create elite lists and invite your followers to join the list. Share exclusive content that educates them about their pain points with your email members. Generate excitement about opting in to increase your open rate. Tap into email marketing by crafting campaigns that make it easier for you to convert leads.
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