Get Noticed, Get Hired: How To Get Clients as a Freelancer on LinkedIn
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Do you know how to use LinkedIn as a freelancer? Read on to learn everything you need to know about LinkedIn for freelancer services here.
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Get Noticed, Get Hired: How To Get Clients as a Freelancer on LinkedIn
Freelancers are slowly gaining traction on LinkedIn. In fact, many customers — small, medium, and large enterprises — now prefer their services because of their flexibility and convenience.
Unlike some brands, freelancers offer more diverse skills and talents that bring companies closer to their goals. It's also much easier to reach out to them.
In this guide, we'll walk you through the basics of LinkedIn for freelancers. We'll also tackle the primary steps of growing your personal brand.
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1. Fix Your LinkedIn Profile

The most crucial step to getting started on LinkedIn as a freelancer is to master the basics of building your page. You must understand the dos and don'ts of fixing your LinkedIn profile before proceeding to the next steps.
But why?
Think of it this way; your profile delivers your brand's purpose and culture to your target audience. All the information you put here — your display photo, description, and many more — reflects who you are as a freelancer.
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Remember that customers will use your LinkedIn profile as a basis for whether they'll trust your services or not.
To help you out, you must build your LinkedIn freelancer page as early as possible. This way, you can explore the most effective strategies to use on your account:

Add A LinkedIn Display Photo

One thing to consider for your LinkedIn profile is your display photo. It needs to look approachable, credible, and trustworthy. Putting a big smile on your photo will also help make a good first impression.
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Are you having trouble choosing the right profile picture for your LinkedIn page? Read our ultimate guide for LinkedIn banners and profile photos to learn more.

Make A LinkedIn Headline

Creating an impactful LinkedIn headline will help you attract and reach more people. This is also one of the first things your customers will see on your profile or through the People You May Know section.
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Discover the best tips for writing a Linkedin headline and attracting more connections. Look at our LinkedIn headline 101 guide for a more in-depth discussion.

Write A LinkedIn Summary

Besides your display photo, you should know how to write your LinkedIn summary or About Me section. You can address some of the most burning questions about your freelancing services here:
  • Who am I?
  • What relevant experiences do I have as a freelancer?
  • How many years have I been a freelancer in the industry?
  • What freelancing services do I offer?
  • How can interested customers reach out to me?
Adding the right keywords to your About Me section will also help optimize your LinkedIn page. As a result, it could rank higher than other profiles on LinkedIn and Google.
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Learn more about how to write a LinkedIn summary in our one-stop guide.

2. Connect With Your Target Audience

Once you've mastered the right way to build your LinkedIn profile, the next thing to do is to connect with your target audience.
Your potential reach on LinkedIn is diverse, so choosing a particular group of people can help you deliver your messages better. This way, you can create more targeted content for your page later on.
But how?
Our first tip is to narrow down your audience. Ask yourself who your freelancing services are for and why they need you.

Narrow Down Audience Based On Their Category

On top of this, you can filter your searches based on a particular age group, gender, location, or type of people. Doing this strategy will help you identify interested customers.
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Be Part of LinkedIn Community Groups

Joining LinkedIn communities can also help you build your follower count. You'll see like-minded people who will most likely engage with your content.
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After identifying your target audience, build a relationship with them. Send them a short yet sweet message containing what you offer and how they can contact you.
If you want to learn the dos and don'ts of LinkedIn networking, take a look at our guide on how to write a LinkedIn connection message.

3. Create Interesting Content For Your Audience

Lastly, building your follower base on LinkedIn goes beyond sending them connection messages. You also need to maintain your online visibility and brand awareness.
And the best approach to do this is to keep your target audience engaged.
For instance, you can release informative and relevant content across your page. In addition, you can identify the most effective posts by looking closely at your target audience.

Determine Content Releases

Identify whether they like photos, videos, motivational posts, or other possible content. Make sure they're informative and address the concerns of your audience.
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If you're having trouble brainstorming content because of writer's block, you can get inspiration from other successful freelancer pages. Get a vibe of their messages and framing, and see how you can personalize them.

Schedule Posts Regularly

Another good example that a freelancer like you can do on LinkedIn is to post content regularly. This way, you can keep your audience hooked to your profile.
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Determine the best time to post on LinkedIn and use it to your advantage. You'll know which schedules attract more views and engagement on your content.
Read about how often to post content on LinkedIn in our in-depth guide to improving your current content strategy.

Use Lead Generation Techniques

Learning about the three popular lead-generation techniques can help you boost your brand awareness. You'll know how to reach more people, connect with them more effectively, and grow your freelancing services.
To learn more about LinkedIn lead gen forms, organic lead gen, and automated lead gen, visit our in-depth guide.

What Can You Do So You Don't Waste Any Time On LinkedIn?

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