The Ultimate Guide to Growth on LinkedIn for Lawyers (Just 3 Steps)

Grow your legal business on LinkedIn. Optimize profile, generate leads, and build network. Get practical tips for success now.

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Grow your legal business on LinkedIn. Optimize profile, generate leads, and build network. Get practical tips for success now.
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How to Growth on LinkedIn as a Lawyer: 3 step guide & tips
As a lawyer, LinkedIn can help you attract more clients, build your professional network and boost your brand.
But to achieve all these, you need an optimized profile and an effective content strategy that can generate leads.
The good news is you can follow a step-by-step process that boosts growth on LinkedIn for lawyers.
With these practical steps, you’ll be on your way to LinkedIn growth that can bring profitable business for you.
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1 - Start With Your Profile

Your profile must show that you’re credible and reliable in your expertise. Lead your prospects to visit your profile with:
  • A recent professional headshot as your profile photo
Once prospects land on your profile, what they see should make them believe you can help them.
  • Use industry-related keywords in your headline, Experience, Recommendations, and About sections to boost your chances of showing on the top pages of search results
  • Include relevant work experience in your Experience section
  • Clearly describe what you do and how your prospects can benefit from you in your LinkedIn summary
  • Include relevant recommendations from satisfied clients or people you’ve worked with
  • Complete your contact section with updated information so that prospects can quickly contact you

2 - Connect With Your Target Audience

Before connecting with people on LinkedIn, you must ensure they are the right fit for your brand. You must identify your target audience and create a buyer persona.
Once you know who needs your services, you can find them via LinkedIn search, events, and groups.

Using LinkedIn Search to Find Your Ideal Clients

For example, if your ideal clients are hiring managers in the United States, you can type “hiring manager” in the search bar on your LinkedIn feed.
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Click on the People filter below the search bar to show profiles of hiring managers.
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Use the Locations filter to narrow down your search to the United States. Click on the location filter, select United States, and click Show results.
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You will see a list of hiring managers in the United States that you can connect with.
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You can use many other filters to narrow your search further if you have more data for targeting.
Click the Connect button beside the user’s profile to send a connection request. Personalize your request by adding a message with the Add a note option to boost your chances of getting your request approved.
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Locating Your Target Audience Through LinkedIn Events

Once you know your target audience, you can figure out the kind of events they’ll be attending and attend those events.
This is your opportunity to participate in the discussion, answer or ask questions and connect with attendees.
You can find events using the Events filter on LinkedIn search.

Joining LinkedIn Groups to Connect With Your Target Audience

Search for LinkedIn groups where your target audience participates and join those groups.
Don’t be a silent member. Participate by creating valuable posts, engaging in posts, and providing answers to members’ questions.

3 - Create Content That Your Audience Finds Interesting

Regularly posting relevant content helps position you as an industry expert and sticks your brand in the minds of your target audience.
The content you can post on LinkedIn includes:
  • News and updates regarding laws and regulations in your area of expertise
  • Insights and opinions on legal trends or issues to establish you as a thought leader in your field
  • Success stories and testimonials from your clients to build trust with prospects
  • Research from your legal firm or case studies to show your expertise
  • Content about industry events like conferences or seminars to build your relationship with colleagues
You can get content inspiration from your colleagues’ posts, industry-related questions on your feed or groups, and Taplio’s powerful AI. Examine John Gomez’s posts to see examples of content you can share on your profile.
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Check out our guide for more tips on creating engaging content for your audience. Then implement this strategy for organic lead generation.

How to make the best use of your time on LinkedIn

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