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Is someone in your field or industry going viral while you get little to no engagement? You can copy their tone and address the same topic as your industry competitor or favorite LinkedIn influencer.

Input any Linkedin @username or profile url and watch the AI write like them

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Profile picture of Tibo Louis-Lucas

Tibo Louis-Lucas


Breaking News! 🚀 Elon Musk just announced that Tesla will be launching a new electric vehicle designed specifically for interstellar travel! 😱 Imagine exploring the depths of space in your very own Tesla spaceship. 🌌 This is a game-changer in the world of transportation and could pave the way for future space tourism. 🚀✨ What are your thoughts on this groundbreaking announcement? Share your opinions below! 👇 Check out the link in the comments for more details on this exciting development! 🌠

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Henrique Krum Scheinpflug


Não perca a oportunidade de digitalizar a sua empresa com as novidades que a ERP24 tem para oferecer! Amanhã estaremos no SMH em Guimarães, prontos para revolucionar o seu negócio. Não fique de fora, participe deste evento imperdível! Juntos vamos construir um futuro digital, Henrique ✨ #digitalização #ERP24 #SMH2024

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Tibo Louis-Lucas


Are you tired of the same old success stories? Let's talk about failure. Yes, failure. Because behind every successful product was a trail of failed attempts. So fail faster, experiment more, and keep pushing forward until you find your success. #EmbraceFailure #KeepPushingForward #SuccessIsComing

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How Does Taplio's AI LinkedIn Post Generator Work?

  1. First, copy the profile URL or LinkedIn handle.

    How Does Taplio's AI LinkedIn Post Generator Work
  2. Paste it into the AI post-generator field

    How Does Taplio's AI LinkedIn Post Generator Work
  3. Press Enter.

    Taplio will write 3 posts using the same tone and topics as the LinkedIn creator that you selected.

    How Does Taplio's AI LinkedIn Post Generator Work

    Copy the posts, edit them, and post them on your profile.

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