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nicholas thickett


So, I was chatting with my sister about sales (I told her what you do) She asked me a question: How would you define good sales? I thought for a second... Good sales is when you're earning the right to influence decisions How? she asked By consistently delivering value & solving problems Isn't that what every salesperson does? No Why not? Because, most salespeople talk more than they listen And that's good? No, not if you're trying to sell How should salespeople listen to their prospects? Through their language What do you mean? Listen to what they're saying & observe their behavior And then what? Then, you: 1) Dig into the why 2) Show empathy 3) Deliver value 4) Solve problems 5) Earn the right to influence decisions

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Tibo Louis-Lucas


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Guillaume Moubeche


In 2021, 90% of the B2B revenue will be generated online. B2B clients are _not_ looking for salespeople. They’re looking for people who can solve their problems. So, if you want to be successful, you need to stop being a “salesperson” and start being a “problem solver”. How to do that? There are three steps: 1- Understand the problem 2- Create solutions 3- Share those solutions with people who need them. That’s it. -

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