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Justin Welsh


Your job isn't all about you. Your job is about the value you bring to your employer. Think bigger.

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Izzy Prior


I often get told: “I have so many connections on LinkedIn, but I can’t get any results” 🤔 They (note: they, not you) are using their connections for ‘mutual benefit’. (AKA: “I need 5,000 connections so I can ask for advice”) 👉🏼 You aren’t doing yourself any favours. (The fact that you can’t achieve your goals, should tell you enough) 👉🏼 Stop thinking ‘how can I benefit from my connections’, and start thinking ‘how can I add value to my connections’. (Your potential client will thank you for it)

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Justin Welsh


Do you know anyone that's made $100,000+ on their own? I do. They're called Solopreneurs. And I'm here to help.

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