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Matt Barker


My key growth hack: Utilise my 16,000+ connections. - 94% of my list are in my industry - 54% are in my target market - 29% have more than 10k connections - 65% have more than 500 connections - 61% are people I 'know' - 40% are 2nd or 3rd degree I utilise my network by: - Sharing my (and my clients) content to my list - Getting them to share my (and my clients) content to their audience - Asking for introductions I email my list 4-6 times per week. - 4-6 times per week - 5,000+ people - 20-25,000+ emails - 40-60 hours of admin That's a lot of emails

Profile picture of Justin Welsh

Justin Welsh


Never underestimate the power of a personal brand. Even if you're a creator, consultant, or solopreneur. Even if you hate TikTok and IG. Even if you hate all social media. Even if you're an introvert. Nobody cares what you look like. They care about how you think. They care about what you create.

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Tibo Louis-Lucas


I recently read: the single most important contributor to success is to... ... ... be consistent So true

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