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Generate Linkedin posts using the same tone and topics than Shlomo Genchin with our AI Linkedin Tool

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Is someone in your field or industry going viral while you get little to no engagement? You can copy their tone and address the same topic as your industry competitor or favorite LinkedIn influencer.

Input any Linkedin @username or profile url and watch the AI write like them

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Tibo Louis-Lucas


Attention entrepreneurs and makers! Are you struggling to generate revenue with your product? Don't panic, it's not your fault. It's all about the approach. Here are some tips to fix it: 1. Stop obsessing over perfection and start shipping your product. Getting it out there is more important than making it flawless. 2. Talk to your customers and gather feedback. Understand their needs and make improvements accordingly. 3. Validate your product before jumping into selling. Make sure there is a demand for what you're offering. 4. Create systems that streamline your processes and make things more efficient. 5. Embrace a lean mindset. Cut out unnecessary features and focus on what really matters. Remember, the key is to iterate and repeat the process until you find success. Calling all aspiring coders! Are you feeling discouraged after completing a coding boot camp? Before you think about going back to school, let me tell you something: courses can only take you so far. The real growth happens when you

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Tibo Louis-Lucas


Meet the new way of networking: Clubhouse Rooms Say goodbye to stale LinkedIn messages and hello to real-time conversations with industry leaders. Join Clubhouse rooms, where you can participate in discussions, ask questions, and connect with like-minded individuals. No need for long introductions or awkward small talk - just dive right into the conversation. Get ready to expand your network and learn from the best in the business. See you in the next room!

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Matt Barker


Are you tired of feeling invisible on LinkedIn? Sick of putting in hours of work for no results? It's time to change your approach. Optimise your profile like a sales page. Focus on the big problem you solve for your clients. And watch the leads roll in. Still not convinced? 11,000+ founders have already grabbed their free LinkedIn templates. Don't miss out (link in comments). Let's make your profile stand out together.

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How Does Taplio's AI LinkedIn Post Generator Work?

  1. First, copy the profile URL or LinkedIn handle.

    How Does Taplio's AI LinkedIn Post Generator Work
  2. Paste it into the AI post-generator field

    How Does Taplio's AI LinkedIn Post Generator Work
  3. Press Enter.

    Taplio will write 3 posts using the same tone and topics as the LinkedIn creator that you selected.

    How Does Taplio's AI LinkedIn Post Generator Work

    Copy the posts, edit them, and post them on your profile.

Is This Entirely Free?

Yes! This tool is entirely free, with no hidden costs.

Does Taplio Have More Free Tools?

Yes. Taplio has more tools that can help you get more engagement on LinkedIn.

You can avoid writer's block for your next LinkedIn posts with Taplio's LinkedIn topics and Taplio's viral post generator.

You can also test the carousel generator and video downloader and find out when it's best to post on LinkedIn.

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